UPDATE: A limited supply of the original best-selling Lextreme 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit remains. If you own a 1UZ from 1990-1997, you really need to get this kit! Email me at [email protected] for help with ordering or questions. This will probably be the last kits I have made.

All other parts are SOLD OUT and won't return, including the LS400 and SC400 turbo kit, rebuild kits, supercharger and performace torque converter. We're not an auto parts supplier and I can't respond to inquries for random Lexus and Toyota auto parts.

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Buy Lexus-Toyota V8 Performance Parts – Head Studs, MLS Gaskets, Shocks, LCD, Alternators, etc.


This page is solely dedicated to Lexus V8 4.0, 4.3 and 4.7 liter DOHC 1UZFE, 2UZFE and 3UZFE engines (LS400 to Tundra).  Here is the largest Lexus-Toyota V8 performance parts galore.  The after market performance products are so hard to find.

However, base upon my personal experience via many trials and errors, I have found some performance parts for the 1UZFE to 3UZFE engines, partially is from my custom made resources and partially from my personal research with other Toyota models and aftermarket products.

I set up this page for those of you want some performance, but do not want to spend hours on researching it.

I have done the work for you.  Everything I sell here, I have it in my car.  I tried all the parts and have the first hand experience with it.  You are getting error free products.  Just click and order!  Once again, this is my hobby and its not my full time job.

I don’t get rich off these products.  However, all you will find in this page are just quality products.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery and some custom made parts will require long time.  Out of the United States shipping will be extra.

If you are looking for 2JZGE/T parts, please Click Here or if you are looking for OEM Parts.

1997-2000 SC300/400 Conversion Kit:

We decided to carry some high demand
parts.  Here is your opportunity to convert your
old and aged first generation SC300/400.  This new
body is subtle and classy.  This 1997-2000 body is
the bases for many aftermarket body kit.  Many of
the aftermarket kits look very similar to the 97 body.
This body is timeless.  I love this body style.
I have a 1992 with 1997 front bumper and side body
panels.  Our parts are one of the lowest on the


LS400 Air Suspension Replacement

Lexus LS400 Air Suspension
replacement/Conversion kit.  This is the first time ever
offer to Lexus LS400 vehicles for the conversion to
standard shock/springs.  Replacement of air shock is
about $1,000 each.  Now you can change all 4 shocks for
less than one Air Suspension Shock and the problem would
eliminated forever!  Two choices available at this time
standard height or 1.5″ drop.  The lowered springs will
be extra cost.  You can get them now for $750 for
standard height plus $50 shipping.  Total would be less than one new air shock

Lextreme Standard Conversion 



Rebuild Control Arms

Due to high demand from our visitors
requesting control arms.  We have all of the
toolings to rebuild them since I have done two of my
LS400s and worked on friends SC400.  That hardest
part of change control arm is not taking them our or
installing them.  The hardest part is taking the
stock oem bushing out.  This process take a lot
time, skill and proper tools.  I have them all.
Currently only available for first generation LS400 and

More Details……

145 amps Alternator

Here is your
chance to get this awesome alternator for almost half of
the price of other company selling it.  If you have
upgraded ignition system, electric fans, additional
driving lights or loud stereo system.  You will
need this 145 amps
alternator.  This alternator have 2 years
warrantee.  This alternator is manufactured in the
original Lexus or Toyota Housing and require no special
brackets or modification to fit, allowing “Drop -In”
installation.  $299.99 plus shipping




4 Gauge Upgrade Cable
4 Gauge
Alternator Wire:  This is highly recommended for
this upgrade.  Since you are running upgraded
alternator, this is a must.  Stock alternator cable
is 6 gauge.  What I did was instead of replacing
the stock 6 gauge alternator cable, I added to the
existent one.  So I would one 6 gauge and one 4
gauge cable.  Its only $25 USD.  Get it along
with the alternator upgrade.




Supra Twin Turbo Brake Upgrade

1990-1994 LS400 brake upgrade with MKIV
Supra Twin Turbo Front Brake System.  This package
comes with brand new pads, calipers, pistons, all
installation accessories and brand new drilled and
slotted with zinc washed rotors.  Please allow 3-4
weeks for delivery.  Every conversion kit is custom
order and made.  The total package is $899.00.
However, if you can find great deal on the internet, you
can just purchase the modified front Supra Drilled and
Slotted Front Rotors.
Complete Upgrade Package with modified Supra rotors for

Modified Supra Front Drilled and Slotted Rotors for only $250

Torque Converter

This is rebuild torque converter for All
Toyota & Lexus for stock stall speed or higher stall
speed.  Please specify your make, year and model $179.95
plus $175 core.  If you don’t see your make, year and
model, please email us.  Now
performance Tundra & Inline 6 (2JZGE) torque converter

1. If you brake it, send it back and get a replacement
2. If you break it again, send it back and we will refund you the full amount
3. TC has two years warranty from the day of delivery
More Details……


Lexus and Toyota V8 Centrifugal
Supercharger Bracket.  This bracket will bolt on
the first generation LS400 and SC400.  However, it
should work on GS400/430 and other 4.3L engines.
With little or no modification, this bracket should bolt
up to any Toyota, Tundra, Sequoia, 4Runner along with
Lexus SUV.  This bracket was cut via high pressure
Water Jet in 1/4″ mild steel plate with zinc coating.
None coating also available upon request.  Lextreme
is offering this bracket plate at an amazing price of
$250 for zinc coated and $200 for non-coated.  This
bracket will bolt right on the Vortech V1 and V1
More Details…

Lextreme Forged
H-Beam Rods

Lextreme is very proud to offer the first time
high strength with affordable prices Forged H-Beam connecting
rods.  These H-Beam rods were produced exclusively and
specifically for Lextreme.com and these rods will fit ANY Lexus
or Toyota foreign or domestic V8 engines from 1989 to 2006.
These rods were made to exact specifications to the original
Toyota connecting rods with few times stronger.  Our rods
will bolt directly onto your stock pistons and crank with proper
offset without modification.  Our rods allow our members to
choose their performance level from 800 hp to 1000 hp. 
More Details…

V8 Forged Pistons

Finally someone have enough heart to make some
pistons for our beloved engine.  Ross Pistons had step up
to the plate and take on our challenge.  Now its available
in dished 8.5:1 forged pistons.  This configuration is
designed for turbo application only.  The pistons are made
of 2618T61 forged aluminum with strong Ross 4340 Tampered Pins
along with high strength custom rings.  The current price is $1100 plus $40 shipping.  If you plan to run greater than 13 psi on GS400 or 10 psi on GS430, then you will need these pistons.  We are
currently carrying all 1uzfe-3uzfe pistons with compression and
overbore size of
More Details……

Forged Pistons/Forged Rods

We want to be the leader in built Lexus-Toyota V8 engines
authority.  Therefore we are offering something you have
never seen before.  We are offering pistons/rods
combination.  If your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase
a complete built forged long or short block and the rotating
assembly might not what you want.  Here is your chance to
get something nice and eliminate days of research and headaches.
My goal is to eliminate your headaches.  We are offering a
forged pistons/rods combo.  These rods are rated at 1,200
hp with Upgraded ARP L-19 rod bolts.  Carrillo forged H
Beam rods available.  Completely balanced combo for
$1995.00 plus shipping.

  • 8 Custom Forged pistons with any compression ratio and
    bore size
  • 8 Sets of performance piston rings
  • 8 Performance piston pins
  • 8 Lextreme Lightning Forged H Beam rods
    with coating
  • 16 ARP
    8740 rod bolts
    rated 700 hp
  • Optional ARP L-19 Upgrade available rated
    at 1,200 hp

Best Deal!!!!!


1UZ-3UZ Rotating

most of you Hot Rodders, these packages will save you headaches
and research.  We have rotating assembly for all models.
These assemblies are
custom made as
order specifically for the Lexus SC400/430, LS400/430, GS400/430
and the Toyota V8 engine (2UZFE) like the Tundra, Sequoia and
the 4Runner.  Please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery. 

More Details……

1UZ-3UZ Short Block

I got few emails stating that they don’t
need a complete long block and request short blocks.
Due to great demand for these products, now we can offer
parts for your needs.  You can get rotating
assembly, short block and now long block.  We are
trying to offer V8 performance products that was not
available few years ago.  We are working very with
local performance engine builders along performance
parts manufactures to bring these option available to
you.  Lexus-Toyota 1UZFE, 2UZFE & 3UZFE short block
available now.


Performance V8
Cylinder Heads

Pictures coming Soon
Cylinder heads might be one of the most
important upgrade for N/A engines.  We have lots of
experience with these heads and we also have few other
goodies that come with it.  Just let us know your
performance goal and we can arrange something for you.
We have standard rebuild heads to high performance and
high flow heads with mild to moderate cams too.


Performance V8 Longblock

There has been huge demand for forced induction
in the Lexus-Toyota V8 Community and I have few connections to
some of the top performance engine builders locally.
I have arranged a deal with them about creating a
performance longblock package specifically for
the go fast users.  We are co-offering these engines from
mild to wild.  Please click the link for details or
please email me. 

5.2 Liters Stroker Kit
Coming Soon

This is for those DIYers.  If you have local engine
builders then you can just get this kit.  This kit
comes complete to make your current engine to 5.2L.
You can order this kit in Natural Aspirated or mild
Forced Induction application.  Our kit is very
affordable and half of the price as others.

5.2 Liters Stroker Short Block
Coming Soon

We are proud to offer a conservative stroker kit or
shortblock.  To reduce headaches and confusion, we
only going to offer ONE size.  Will be offering a
stroker kit to bring the 4.0, 43. or 4.7L to 5.2 Liters.
1UZ and 3UZFE blocks will get a new set of performance
sleeves while 2UZFE will get slightly over bore to
achieve 5.2 liters.  Dyno and details coming soon.

ACL Race Series Bearing Kit

Due to high demand from our members, we
decided to carry one of the best high performance engine
bearing money can buy for your Lexus or Toyota V8

The unique combination of design, metallurgy and
engineering come together to deliver what drivers expect from
high performance Trimetal engine bearings.

Designed to withstand higher RPM conditions, ACL
Race Series Engine Bearings are available for our engines.
This kit comes complete with Rods, Main and Thrust bearings.
The complete kit is only $199.

Complete Engine
Rebuilt Package

Pictures coming soon!
We got lots of emails daily about engine
combo. To make it easy for our potential buyer.
Here are my recommendation for high horse power rebuild

More Details……

1-3UZFE Engine Girdle (Coming
We are currently designing and testing a
1UZFE, 2UZFE & 3UZFE engine girdle.  The UZFE
engine girdle is made of 1/2″ mild steel along with a
set of ARP Studs.  Since there is an additional
1/2″ increase, stock main studs will not work.

Performance Valve

We are proud to make these springs
available to our community at an affordable price.
We worked hard and came up with something that will last
for years to come.  These springs are perfect
upgrade for ALL Lexus-Toyota V8 engines from stock to
moderately modified engines.  These springs yield
33% increase in both seat and lift pressure.  These
high quality springs are made in the good old USA.
More details…..

Titanium Retainers

We have these titanium
retainers for both early or later models.  These
are lighter and stronger then stock retainer.
These are meant for high performance applications.
Lighter weight means faster rev and higher rev.
Our titanium retainers are the same as many important
engines producing mega horsepower.  Stock weights
12 grams each and our titanium weights 7 grams.  A complete set
for $299.

Lexus-Toyota Oversize Valves
We are extremely excited
about these oversized valves we discovered.  These
are not production valves specifically for our cars or
trucks but rather they are custom machine to fit your
application.  1mm oversize for 1998 and new Toyota
and Lexus cars, trucks and SUV.  1.25mm for the
intake and 1.50mm over size for the exhaust for all
1990-1997 1UZFE.  Our complete oversize stainless
steel valves is only $650 per set.

More details

Lexus -Toyota Cams
Our cams are stock regrind
to match specifically to your valves specs.  These
cams will work on both stock valves or our upgrade
oversize valves and its completely custom made and they
are made to order.  We offer two different cams
specifications.  Stage I or Stage II, NA or FI.
There will be a charge for your cores.  Most of our
members get the cams along with our over size valves and
high performance springs.  Our custom grind cams is
only $750 with $250 core charge.
More details here…

LS400 Front Mount Intercooler

Lexus 1990-1994 LS400 Custom Intercooler for
$650.00 plus shipping

SC300/400 Huge FMIC

Lexus SC300/400 huge front mount
intercooler.  12″ x 32″ x 3″ with 3″ in & outlet.
Beautifully designed with capability of 1000 rwhp.
Don’t pay the over priced HKS or Greddy IC.  This
intercooler is a perfect for your SC.  $650 plus
$50 for shipping



Header Flanges

So you want to turbo your SC400/430, LS400/430,
GS400/430, Tundra and all those Lexus-Toyota V8
vehicles?  Officially there isn’t any turbo kit out
in the market and there wont be for many more years to
come.  The only way to turbo your car/truck is to
make your own.  Here is your chance to make it
yourself or have some fabrication shop to do the work.
Header flanges comes in mild steel or stainless.

Cat Flanges

This is another wonderful design to fit
into your stock exhaust system. These flanges were
designed to fit with oem cat gaskets. This is the only
design that has this feature. Other companies do not
have this detailed design and you will need to make your
own gaskets. These cat flanges have build-in grooves to
mate with oem cat gasket.

1UZFE EGR Delete Kit

1UZFE EGR Delete/JMD Conversion Kit:
The EGR block-off plates are
for the 1990-1994 Lexus LS400 and 1992-1996 SC400.
These plates might work on other 1UZFE Models. These high
quality CNC machined mild steel plates will allow you to
completely remove the EGR system. These plates were designed
by one of our hardcore Lextremers using AutoCad 2004. If
you have been thinking about Rush Imports Headers for
your SC400 or LS400, then this kit is a must.
Complete kit for $139 USD plus shipping.




Oil Relocation
Adaptor Plate

I made this for myself, but few members
asked me if it is ok to make some more so them can enjoy
this also.  The obvious answer would of course.
I am a slave for my members.  Anyway, this plate is
water jet cut with 1/2″ aluminum.  This plate was
pre-cut with two holes for 3/8″ npt thread.  This
plate is very functional for 1uzfe swap application.
However, this plate would also work for oil cooling
More details…

Please click
Lextreme It! to purchase


Here is your chance to have the same go
fast goodies like the Supras.  Exclusively from
Lextreme.com, we are proud to introduce you to our
custom made Nology Hotwires for the 1UZFE.  $400
plus shipping.




Multi Layer Steel Gaskets

Cometic Multi-Layer Steel Gaskets for
1UZFE to 3UZFE.  We have both stock compression and
compression available. Please allow 2-4 weeks for
.051″: 1-3UZFE: $180 Per Pair





.074″: 1-3UZFE: $260 Per Pair





Standard ARP Head Studs

ARP (Automotive Racing Products) is
widely known to be the best head studs for strong hold
down.  These studs are custom made specifically for the
Lexus/Toyota V8 1UZFE (GS/LS/SC400), 2UZFE (Tundra) and
3UZFE (GS/LS/SC430)engines.  It is highly recommended
for high performance engine.  A complete set 20 Studs,
20 Washers and 20 Hex Nuts for $359.




7/16″ Head Studs

The standard head bolts are 10 mm.
Here is a set of 7/16″ (almost the same size as
11mm) head stud kit for ALL 1/2/3UZFE
engines.  You will need to machine the block along
and the heads to 7/16″.  This upgrade
is not necessary if you making less then 900 rwhp.
This upgrade is a good insurance for high performance.
A complete set 20 Studs, 20 Washers and 20 Hex Nuts for




Head Studs L-19

Most people considered the above 7/16″
studs upgrade would be over killed.  However, for
those extreme racers, Here is a set of 7/16″ ARP
L-19 NHRA grade head studs.  These studs are
exclusively on NHRA race engines. This ARP L-19 head stud kit for ALL 1/2/3UZFE
engines.  You will need to machine the block along
and the heads to mate with these studs.
A complete set 20 Studs, 20 Washers and 20 Hex Nuts for



ARP Rod bolts

These are ARP
Rod Bolts for your 1UZFE or 3UZFE.  These bolts
will replace the standard rod bolts from your engine.
These high strength bolts will hold huge hp.  This
kit comes with 16 ARP bolts with Washers.  Now you
can get it for $99.  These bolts are for stock




1UZFE & 3UZFE Main Stud

Here is something most Lexus V8 owners neglect.  Since we have 6 bolt main, therefore, we forget about upgrading it.  This kit is extremely important to 3UZFE owners

This kit comes with 20 main studs, 20 main stud washers, 20 main stud nuts and 10 side ARP
bolts with oil tight washers.  This complete ARP
Main Studs/Bolts kit for $440.




Tundra ARP Main
Stud kit

Lextreme is
proud to announce our latest product for those hardcore
Lexus-Toyota 4.7 liter owners.  Lextreme is offering an
ARP Main Stud Kit for the
2UZFE engine like the Toyota Tundra, Toyota Sequoia, V8
4Runner and
the Lexus GX470 & LX470.  The introductory price
with this ARP Main Stud Kit is only $175.




Walbro High Volume fuel Pump

Walbro High-Pressure 255 ltr/hr pump kit
for $130.  Upgrade Fuel pump is available now.  Please
email me.




High Impedance Injectors

These injectors are tested, cleaned and balanced with
zero mile.  These are recondition with
professionally touch.  Along with well balanced
injectors are brand new injectors seals and O-rings.
These injectors will just drop right into your 1uzfe.
No modification required.
  I spent many hours asking questions and
doing countless hours of research and I have come up
with a list of injectors.  The injectors are
cleaned, balanced, ultrasonic tested and pattern match
by a professional injectors cleaned.  We are
currently carrying high impedance injectors especially
for the Lexus V8 motors.  From mild 315 cc to
moderate 460 cc to wild 550 cc/min.  These
injectors are hard to come by so please
email me before ordering.

295 cc/min ($250)

315 cc/min ($295)

460 cc/min ($350)

550 cc/min ($420)

Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator

and custom braided lines and fittings specifically for
the first generation SC and LS.  Plug and Play on
your SC and LS for $259.





1UZFE Fuel Rail Upgrade

This 1000 hp upgrade 1UZFE, 2UZFE
(possible ALL Lexus V8 VVTi engines) fuel rails are now available via Wolfkatz
Engineering.  This is complete kit for your 1UZFE
and capable of 1k hp with 8-AN fittings at the ends.
These rails were designed to mate with domestic and
German injectors. The reason we choose this style due to
the wide availability of injectors and they are very
affordable too. Check it out. If you are interested in
these rails and fittings, please contact Garrett (Chief
Engineer) at

[email protected]

This Boosted Tundras
Injector Boss is a
weld-on design used to add extra injectors and
supply extra fuel in supercharged or turbo
applications.  The boss will mount RC “PL”
series injectors and Bosch/Mustang style injectors.
The o-ring size on these style injectors is
.580″ diameter top and
bottom.  The Split Second AIC box works well
with this product.  This injector boss work
with domestic injectors like the Mustangs and
Cameros.  Your price is $23.50 each. 






Thinking about centrifugal
supercharger?  Well, you will need one of this.
The Boosted Tundras Bypass Valve is a hard to find straight through
design with the largest I.D. available.

It uses a large 3/8″ vacuum line which gives it
instant response to open or close.  It is CNC
machined by us here at my shop and is a USA product.
Available in the three colors of anodize shown.
$169.95 each.




Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines

Four stainless steel braided lines for



Adjustable Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator

The Cartech regulators are designed specifically to add fuel to modified EFI
engines (turbos, superchargers and normally aspirated). This is accomplished by
using the manifold vac/pressure to drive the fuel pressure up as the boost
rises, or with the N/A engines, as the vacuum goes toward atmospheric.  If we
already build the best FPR’s (often called FMU’s), what’s the sanity of making
another?  The answer is to keep the copiers way behind. Our original FMU,
introduced in 1975, has been copied six times and is still used by four
companies.  The 2020 series regulator is the fourth generation design to come
from Cartech, and every new design has been better than the previous. Imagine
how vastly better these new designs are than that 25 year old relic the other
guys are still producing! Cartech FMU for $270




Lexus-Toyota Turbo Oil
Supply Kit

This is something that will save some
headaches.  These fittings are very hard to find
and you most likely can not get it locally.  Local
shop can order them for you but they would need to order
a set of 10.  This is what I did.  I ordered
10 pieces to use one piece for myself.  Therefore I
have few available.  These fittings will bolt right
on into your oil housing.  These fittings will work
on all Lexus and Toyota engines (V8).  We are
selling $25 per kit.
More details…..


Lextreme Sticker
Lextreme Side window sticker $5 a pair

Powered By
Bolt Main Sticker
Powered By 6 Bolt Sticker $5 a pair

Lextreme T-Shirt

6 oz. Hanes Beefy-T white T-shirt $10

V8 Forum Sticker

V8 Forum Sticker.
This two two color high
quality water and UV light resistance sticker is about
3″ x 3″.  This sticker is perfect on your side rear
window or rear window.  Show them your proof forum.
The stickers (Two Sticker per set) are $7.00 per set.


2JZ Forum Sticker

2JZ Forum Sticker:
his two two color high
quality water and UV light resistance sticker is about
3″ x 3″.  This sticker is perfect on your side rear
window or rear window.  Show them your proof forum.
The stickers (Two Sticker per set) are $7.00 per set.

Baseball Cap

Dockers Style Embroidered “Lextreme” high quality
baseball cap for $10.  This will be a great
conversational piece.

LS400 Climate LCD Display Replacement

This is the most common problem with
Lexus LS400 and Toyota Celsior.  The climate
control panel turned black and when heated like a hot
hot day, the LCD becomes clear.  If you experience
this problem then you will need this LCD replacement for
bother the LS400 and Celsior.  Lexus LS400 LCD Climate Display
Replacement.  Click link for more details.

Now available in both US-Spec or
J-Spec LS400/Celsior.  LHD or RHD and 93-94 Lexus

Update: 1992-1996 SC400 LCD available NOW!

Lextreme Height Module
Lextreme Height Module – A US Spec
Height Controller for LS400 $170 plus $20 shipping via
USPS Priority 2 days.

Do you have any questions? If so, please head over to the forums to get a quick answer or share your experience!

Cash App (user: $lextremeparts).
This is a freelance site with no support by huge companies.  I have been doing most of the R&D and technical write-ups by myself with my personal money and literally thousands of hours of my time.  I have taken extra steps to demonstrate in details how things are done.  Currently I am one of the few people doing Lexus V8 research and performance enhancement.  This effort comes from my personal love for this wonderful engine.  Most of the modifications are from trial and error. There's no cookbook for 1UZFE mods and its unknown territory for much of supercharger performance.  The parts, labor, web development and site hosting are 100% paid from my personal hobby money.  If you feel my efforts help you in any form, please do not hesitate to donate any amount of money to support this site. You have no idea how much I and the entire Lexus and Toyota community appreciate it!

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  1. Hi
    I did a conversion. Put a 4.3 UFZE in a 3.0d4d toyota hilux clubcab 4×4 woth its standard hilux gearbox and diffs. The diff ratios is 3.9… I would like to tune it a bit and make it go quicker from the start, make it perform better, not really looking for top speed, ut more performance. It also has a gearbox like shutter when taking off(could that be because of the diff ratio’s). I dont want to put on a supercharger or something like that? What can I do?

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    Can someone tell me when the 5.2 ltr stroker kit will be available and how much please?
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  3. Hey I’m looking the market to try and supercharge my 2UZ-FE VVTI 2005 Toyota Tundra SR5 2WD. I’m having a hard time finding a TRD supercharger or any supercharger for that matter that’s compatible. I know that they are very hard to come by but I was going to see if you could help me out some how. I also understand that the superchargers can cause engine failure in the VVTI models (From what I’ve heard online) but I’m open to taking the risk and want to make some boost in my truck.

  4. Currently run a 3UZFE stroked to 5.6 ltrs, 13:1 compression, running on E85 this engine was designed by TRD.
    I am having troubles with the head gaskets developing small compression leaks.
    I see you make a upgraded head stud, I was wondering if these are still available.


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