1990-1994 Lexus LS400 Intercooler

I have been playing around for almost a year now trying to find an intercooler that will fit into our beloved Lexus LS400.  There are few places to install an intercooler, but they all have some short coming.  The easiest way to have an intercooler for the Lexus LS400, is to mount the intercooler under the front bumper.  Please do not waste your money trying to fit an OEM intercooler from other cars.  I have tried all.  None of them fit and all of them require major modifications.  I have made all the mistakes for you already.  Please don't do what I have done.  Just click and it will be at your place in less than 4 weeks.

This is the only intercooler that will fit into your first generation Lexus LS400.  This is a custom made intercooler especially for my Forced Induction Lexus LS400 application.  No one else carry this type and this size intercooler.  This high flow, low restriction intercooler sells for around $800 by other companies.  I have developed a good relationship with this company and I a great price for it.  This intercooler has been inspected, installed and tested. This is bolt on and error free.  I have done all the mistakes already and you do not have to do that anymore.  Just click and you will have in few weeks.  Custom intercooler for $650 plus shipping.  Due to the high demand for this custom intercooler, please allow 4 weeks for delivery.