Single Turbo Kit For 1992-1995 Lexus SC400

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Some of you might know me to be one of the extreme Lexus V8 owners.  I have done a Twin Turbo Lexus LS400 and created a Supercharger kit for the Lexus LS400.  I have plan to make a supercharger kit for the SC400.  However, there are few supercharger kits currently available.  Therefore, I am interested in making a Single Turbo for the Lexus SC400.  This kit will allow you to keep all of your accessories.

However, before I start this project, I would like to have a show of interest in this kit.  Once again, I do not own a shop or am I rich.  Therefore, money for R&D will be mostly from my personal saving account.

Here are some highlights of this turbo system:

* Turbo head unit –  Precision Turbo T67GTQ rated 800 bhp
* Custom intercooler for SC400 with 3″ in and outlet
* 8 psi system with stock fuel system
* FMU or piggyback – FMU is simple and work fine with 8 psi.
* Custom Driver side header and Back pipe
* Custom 3″ Downpipe
* Lots of misc parts.

There are lots more information I can disclose, but that would be a trade secret.  Details will come as the project progress.  Mailing list members will be contact privately.  The price estimated for about 4.5-5k and will be over 300 rwhp with the nice sized turbo, the V8 potential is endless.  To spread out the cost for R&D, I am asking $200 for deposit and its refundable.

Secondly, just to test the water for interest.  I have been in the Lexus community for the pasT three years and I understand how CHEAP Lexus owners are as far as dishing money out for performance parts.  No offense, but this is the truth.  No all Lexus owners are cheap, but most.  Especially in forums and bulletins, most members are just talk and no action.  If you are one of them, please DON’T fill out the below fields.  You are just wasting my time.  However, if you are truly interested in performance, please fill in the bottom questionnaires and we will chat.

If you are a DIY type of person and interested on how to do your own Single Turbo Kit for the SC400.  I have one written and to assess this page, please join our Forum and post 50 quality post or make a donation to our site to get instant access.

This system will be using a T64 Big Shaft or similar size with potential of 500-600 rwhp capability along with a HUGE intercooler.  Upgrades and partial kit will be available too.  Once again, this is just a feasibility study on this kit.

Also see: Single Turbo Building Updates and Turbo Selection How about Twin Turbo Lexus SC430

Do you have any questions? If so, please head over to the forums to get a quick answer or share your experience!

This is a freelance site with no support by huge companies.  I have been doing most of the R&D and technical write-ups by myself with my personal money and literally thousands of hours of my time.  I have taken extra steps to demonstrate in details how things are done.  Currently I am one of the few people doing Lexus V8 research and performance enhancement.  This effort comes from my personal love for this wonderful engine.  Most of the modifications are from trial and error. There's no cookbook for 1UZFE mods and its unknown territory for much of supercharger performance.  The parts, labor, web development and site hosting are 100% paid from my personal hobby money.  If you feel my efforts help you in any form, please do not hesitate to donate any amount of money to support this site. You have no idea how much I and the entire Lexus and Toyota community appreciate it!

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