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UPDATE: A limited supply of the original best-selling Lextreme 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit remains. If you own a 1UZ from 1990-1997, you really need to get this kit! Email me at [email protected] for help with ordering or questions. This will probably be the last kits I have made.

All other parts are SOLD OUT and won’t return, including the LS400 and SC400 turbo kit, rebuild kits, supercharger and performace torque converter. We’re not an auto parts supplier and I can’t respond to inquries for random Lexus and Toyota auto parts.

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First of all, I just want to say welcome to the top Lexus-Toyota V8 site in the world!  This site is the most complete, most comprehensive and most informative site you’ll find.  We’re the Lexus-Toyota V8 Swap/Conversion capital of the world and your home for Lexus-Toyota V8 Engines. From turbo kits to 1uz superchargers to Toyota Previa minivan engine swaps, we’re here to help!

Our specialized Lexus-Toyota V8 Forum is dedicated to the Lexus-Toyota V8 UZFE family (1UZFE, 2UZFE, 3UZFE) Performance Engines and includes the 2006-2007 V8 powered 4.6 liter Toyota Supra along with the all-new 1URFE, 2URFE and 3URFE engines.

Also, many come here for more information on the GZG-50 Toyota Century 1GZ-FE V12 and how to diagnose a faulty Lexus starter.

Nowhere else on the net will you find so much information about our beloved old school V8.  There are many forums that are car specific.  For example, they will focus on a car model like the Soarer or IS300.  However, in this site we are engine specific.  We focus on the engines, if you have or interest in the Lexus or Toyota V8, then you are in the right place.

Now we also heard the new rumors about the 1ur-fe / 1ur-fse with 4.6 liter. The all new Lexus LS460 will be using the same 4.6 Liter engine. We welcome the new owners and enthusiasts.

Check out this video of a 1975 Corolla Coupe with a V8 engine and subframe from a Lexus SC400, an Eaton M112 Supercharger from a Mustang Cobra, a T56 6-speed gearbox, and tons and tons of one-off performance parts.

At Lextreme we are a bunch of humble, low profile horsepower junkies and hot-rodders trying to improve our beautiful automobiles into racing machines. In our forum we can discuss a wide variety of topics involving our flagship V8 cars.

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Our hottest topics are naturally-aspirated SC400/Soarer and LS400/Celsior engines and forced induction like turbocharged, supercharged and NOS.  Recently, we have added a new category; Lexus/Toyota V8 Swap and Conversion.  

However, when we say Lexus-Toyota V8, we also include the 4.0 Liters (SC400, LS400 & GS400) 4.3 Liters  (IS430?,GS430, SC430, LS430 and the LS460 with the 4.6 Liter) and 4.7 liters (4Runner, Tundra, Sequoia Land Cruiser, GX470and LX470) and perhaps the up and the coming Toyota Tundra 5.5 liters. 

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We’re also adding tons of content and tutorials for the Toyota Hiace van and Hilux pickup truck!

We also added Toyota Power Boats, 4X4 and Off Roads along with V8 powered replicas.  Guests are allow to view posts.  However, If you want to post topics, then please register.  Therefore, feel free to give me your opinion about this forum and our mission. 

Secondly, I also have gathered information and performance parts especially our Lexus-Toyota V8 1UZFE engines.  The UZFE performance parts are hard to find.  I am working with some shops to produce some performance parts just for our car.  Please feel free to browse the performance parts area.  Once again we welcome your comments and contributions.

Introducing Lextreme Latest Topic/Article: How to save $250 on your next Oil PumpThis article will save you money.  Yes, you will save about $250 with this article.  We came across these parts and show you how to save some money with this modification. 

M112 Supercharged Fitment:  Read about how the Ford Cobra Supercharger (M112) fit onto Richwood Manifold and what modifications require in order to make it work.  Very interesting article and worth the read.  We welcome any comments about this article in our discussion forum.

Buyer’s Guide for Lexus LS400:  I received so many emails everyday asking me for advice on purchasing a Lexus LS400.  In this article I point out the dos and don’ts on purchasing a First Generation Lexus LS400. Common problems, what to avoid, recommendations and few other goodies.

SC400 With Greddy Muffler & 3″ Y-Pipe:  Recently Tony N. aka ACleanSC with Lexus SC400 and decided to upgrade his stock exhaust system.  He used Greddy MX mufflers and redo the restrictive 2.25″ Y-Pipe with a new and improved 3″ y-Pipe.  Check it out.  It’s a beautiful setup with Lexus exhaust quality and great power band.  This setup should be done by all N/A 1UZFE.

Lexus Twin Turbo SC430  This is the first Twin Turbo Lexus SC430 ever!  Yes, ever.  Besides being powered by two Garrett Ball Bearing Turbos, this luxurious cruiser also gets fully built motor, bulletproof transmission, custom widebody, brakes and too much to list.  This is the baddest Lexus out there period.  No one comes close to this work of art by Anderson Audio & Performance in Atlanta Georgia.  Nothing but the best.  From the best people in AAP and the best quality of material and work.  Check it out!

Lexus SC300-2JZGTE Intercooler Upgrade:  Tony and his cousin Dr. Mike and a local muffler did the work on a Lexus SC300 with 2J powered.  This article is about the intercooler and pipings upgrades.  In this article, took lots of pictures before and after the upgrade.  Beautiful custom made Front Mount Intercooler which will work on SC300 & 400.  The intercooler is 12″ x 32″ x 3″ with 3″ in and outlet along with custom mandrel pipes.  We also relocate the air intake to the outside of the engine bay to get fresh cold air.  This intercooler is a PERFECT FIT.  Check it out & Enjoy!

2006 Supra  There are rumors that Toyota is secretly prototyping the fifth generation Toyota’s Ultimate Sports Car.  The legendary Supra.  Rumors stated that this up and coming Supra will be powered by the 3UZFE.  A 4.3 liter DOHC with possible power potential of 400-450 bhp.  Check it out!

Cutting Silicone Hoses  Here is an article you might be interested in.  Save lots of money!  This tech article show you step by step on how to save lots of money by buying 3-4 footer silicone hose and cutting it your self.  This low tech method work like a charm.  An average 3″ x 3″ silicone turbo hose runs about 11-14 dollars in some sites.  We can bring the cost down to about $1.45.  Find out more by clicking the above link.

Reset Air Bag Light  Here is an article on how to reset air bag light.  This article is partially adopted from a Lexus LS400 Tutorial Site and from my personally experience and my home made device on resetting the airbag light.

1UZFE Ignition Upgrade  This is one of the most neglect system to mention or upgrade.  Many people slap on turbo-charger kits or superchargers and dump in larger injectors, but hardly upgrade their ignition system unless they have trouble with tuning.  In this article, I explore three different ways you can improve and upgrade the ignition system for boost application.  Check it out!

SEMA 2024  This is a candy store for adults.  All type of cars, trucks, motorcycles, parts and modifies.  Companies from all over the world showing off their products.  Lots of rides so little time.  You should go there at least once.

Garrett GT Turbos and Lexus-Toyota V8 Application.  Check it out before you start buying parts for your DIY.  Very important and informative information

Relay Wiring Diagram: For some of you wanted to modify your mechanical fan to electric fan/s.  Here is an wiring diagram on how to wire up the relay to control and activate the fan/s.

LS400 Clear Corners:  Here is an article on step by step instruction on how to change the ugly orange oem signal lights with the new and hip clear corners.  Very informative article.  Please visit here if you are interested.

How Supra Sequential Twin Turbo Work.  Here is a detailed article on how Supra Sequential Twin Turbo work.  This article was written by John Cribb.  John have few Supras and full of personal experience and knowledge.  Check it out!

How To Replace Timing Belt (Part 2): Are tired of being ripped off by local mechanic?  They charge anywhere from 1000 to 1500 for a complete water pump and timing change.  Now it’s your opportunity to save some money  and replace the timing belt with proper instruction.

1UZFE & 3UZFE Rod, Piston and Block Comparison.  Here is a series of 3 articles comparing the 1UZ and the 3UZ.  This is the first article on this topic.  No one have done this comparison side by side.  Some interesting results from this article you might not know about.

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My eyes were opened when I compared the two blocks, rods, and pistons.  You can not miss this article.  Check it out!

Supra TT Brake Upgrade for GS300, SC300 & IS300.  Here is an article of interested.  This step by step tutorial was performed by Eric Crossman.  This complete brake upgrade is half of the price of the most popular “Big Brake”.  This article is very detail and he spent lot of time on this.  This upgrade is highly recommended for all Lexus Inline 6 owners.

Swap Information  This is a must read article for all thinking or wanting to do 1uzfe-3uzfe engine swap.  This article will give you all the details.  This is the most comprehensive information about 1uzfe I have ever seen.  This second article of 1uzfe Variants by Rod Garnett is also a must read.  These two authors will give you all the information you need to start a swap.

Introducing Lextreme Latest Project: Single Turbo LS400:  Thanks to my sponsors, I finally start this project.  Recently Turbo Performance Systems (TPS) was nice enough to donate a Master Power T70 turbo kit with custom configurations rated at 840 bhp to me for this project.  TPS is a North America Distributor for Master Power along with Garrett and Turbonectics and they are willing to take chance with me.  Thanks TPS. 

Secondly I would like to thank High Temperature Silicone (HTS) for their full sponsorship in turbo silicone connectors, elbows, humps and heavy duty T-Bolt Clamps.  What is a good turbo system without a good intercooler.  Once again, thank for Custom Coach of America (CCA) made me a HUGE 11″ x 3.5″ x 36″ intercooler with 3″ in and outlet. Please come back to see the progress.

LS400 Brake Upgrade with Supra TT  I am attempting to fit 1993-1998 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo brakes into my 1990 Lexus LS400.  This has never been done before and I will share some of the difficulties and problems with this upgrade.  Honestly, I am not sure if this will work or not and possible a custom bracket will be needed.  I have done a through search on the net and ask my experts in many forums about this upgrade.  So far, no specific answer.

Introducing Lextreme Latest Products:
2007 Tundra (3UR-FE) Head Studs:  
ARP head studs for the 2007 & up Toyota Tundra/Sequoia & Land Cruiser are available Now!  Forged pistons and Forged Rods along with block guard coming very soon.

Oil Relocation Adaptor Plate:  
This plate was available only for our hardcore members.  However, I made some extra and want to get ride of it.  Excellent quality along with functional application.

Centrifugal Supercharger Bracket  I made a supercharger kit 5 years ago and due to low demand, this kit was discontinued.  However, recently I got a lot of emails requesting to bring back this Supercharged Kit.  However, I just produced the bracket so you can do it yourself.  This bracket is very affordable.

Lexus-Toyota V8 Forged H Beam Rods:  Yes!  We have it.  These rods were made exclusively for us and our members.  We made these tough but yet affordable Forged H-Beam Rods to ALL Lexus and Toyota V8 engine specifications.  They are direct replacement from the stock rods.

Multi-Layer Steel Head Gaskets  Thanks to Cometic, we are now carrying MLS Gaskets for the Lexus-Toyota V8 Engines.  We carry a wide range of compression ratio.  From stock compression or lower compression MLS Gaskets.  These head gaskets are offered for the first time in the UZFE engines history.  With forged dished pistons, MLS Gaskets, ARP studs and lots of air and gas…. your car will fly.

Lextreme Merchandise: We recently acquired few new Lextreme.com merchandise products.  We have T-Shirt, Hat and stickers.  Please visit our Performance Central for more details.

Nology Hotwires: Yes, we have it.  We are the first site to carry this awesome spark plug wires for the 1UZFE.  These wires are the best of the best.  I have used them for many years in my Supercharged Cobra and loved it ever since.  Now its available exclusively from Lextreme.com  These wires are monstrous and will give you loads of spark.  A must for FI 1UZFE or N/A.

EGR Delete Kit: Lextreme is very proud to announce our new EGR Delete Kit.  This kit was designed by Xir and produced in the good old USA.  He is an Autocad student and a diehard Lexus V8 go fast fan.  He created this kit out of his love.  Click the above link and see what type of benefit you can achieve with this kit.

1UZFE Forged Pistons: Its about time!  We currently carry Ross forged pistons for the 1uzfe.  The forged pistons are made with turbocharged application.  They are 8.5:1 and made with high boost in mind.  We are very proud to carry such a wonderful and hard to find product.  These pistons are custom made and will take about 4-5 weeks for delivery.  More details with above link.

1UZFE Long Block: Three years ago when you talking about build Lexus-Toyota V8 motors, you would be laugh at.  For the first time in the United States, Lextreme is offering killer long block for horse power junkies.  We are working very closely with a local high performance engine builder to bring high quality forged internal 1uzfe, 2uzfe and 3uzfe motors.

Due to high demand for FI on the Lexus-Toyota V8, we are co-managing these services to provide you all your go fast needs.  These long blocks are not for weak hearted.  Its pretty aggressive setup.  More details with above link.  Warning! After you read about our built long blocks, you might start to drool.

Lexus-Toyota OEM Parts:  We recently established an account with a local Toyota-Lexus dealer to support our original factory parts online store.  We are blessed with huge demand on brand new Toyota-Lexus V8 original OEM parts.  We setup this page specifically for our visitors and their needs.  Our prices are very competitive, but our service surpass any other site.  We are specialists in this Toyota-Lexus V8 motors and most of our sale reps are trained and have done the work themselves in order to fully understand the process.  We will support you on your project.

V8 Header & Cat Flanges:  So you want to turbo your SC400/430, LS400/430, GS400/430, Tundra and all those Lexus-Toyota V8 vehicles? Officially there isn’t any turbo kit out in the market and there wont be for many more years to come. The only way to turbo your car/truck is to make your own. Here is your chance to make it yourself or have some fabrication shop to do the work. Header flanges come in mild steel or stainless.

The flange holes are bored to 1.5″ so you can use either mild steel or stainless steel 1.5″ tubes. These flanges were designed by an enthusiast for fellow enthusiasts. They were designed using AutoCAD and are laser cut with a high precision CNC machine. The price below is for two flanges.

Lextreme H Beam Forged Rods:  Here is your chance to upgrade your skinny rods in your current 2uzfe or 3uzfe engine.  Your 4.3 liter or 4.7 liter rods are a ticking bomb if you decide to put some boost into it.  I have seen many Tundra or Sequoia engines blow up because of the weak pistons and rods.  This is the reason why TRD stopped making those supercharger kit for the 4.7 Liter.  These rods are custom made as order specifically for the Lexus SC400/430, LS400/430, GS400/430 and the Toyota V8 engine (2UZFE) like the Tundra, Sequoia and the 4Runner.

Toyota V8 Rotating Assembly: For most of you DIYers, these packages will save you headaches and research.  We have rotating assembly for all models.  These assemblies are custom made as order specifically for the Lexus SC400/430, LS400/430, GS400/430 and the Toyota V8 engine (2UZFE) like the Tundra, Sequoia and the 4Runner.

Online Seller Feedback: 
Here are a list of ebay sellers and online companies I have dealt with.  Please click the link to read my experience with them.  This page is full of negative sellers and you should stay away from them.  I feel this is how we can get back to them for their deceptive tatics.  If you have any bad experience like me and million other victims, please email me with your story and the seller name and site so this page will hurt their sells and perhaps help others.

Lexus-Toyota V8 FI Registry:  We are trying to collect data from various owners on the V8 FI.  If you have a forced induction Lexus-Toyota V8 setup, please fill out the form so we can post your data up.  Thanks

Lexus V8 Engine Bay Contest:  We recently started this contest.  Winner will get a free set of Multi-Layer Steel Gaskets.  If you have something to show us, please email me with 5-8 640 x 480 pictures along with specs and details.

Pimp My Ride:  I am looking for shows, magazines and any automotive manufacture to sponsor my car.  I have lots of GO fast and almost no SHOW…..   My car is pretty much completely stock looking.  Therefore I am looking a company, tv show or magazine  to Pimp My Ride or Overhaul my ride.  Please let me know.

Here is your chance to get some really good deals on Originally Lexus-Toyota parts at bargain prices.  Please visit this page weekly for some of the unbelievable prices.  All of our prices were verified by local Lexus dealer.

For example:
Oil Pump & Water Pump Special:
 Save over 50% off retail Lexus dealers.
Lextreme Torque Converter No Core charge… Out right purchase for IS300, SC300, GS300 & Supra NA (MKIV)
1997-2000 SC300/400 Conversion Kit  Here is a complete list of parts you need to upgrade your 1992-1996 SC300/400.  All parts are original and brand new.  Please contact me for availability before ordering.

Introducing Lextreme Latest Banner Sponsors: Spark Racing Spark Racing has been a personal favorite of my since the late 1990s.  The owner and I are very close friend.  Our friendship carry beyond just cars.  After months of talking to Joey and finally got a sponsorship from his company.  Spark Racing specialized in Honda Motor Swap and 2JZGTE motor swap to Lexus vehicles.  Latest project is to swap a LS400 with 2JZ as well as a 3 Series BMW and few Nissan 240Z with 2JZGTE.  Thanks you for choosing to do business with us. We at Spark Racing our founded on supplying our customers with only the best in performance parts and customer service. These are our selected products that we at Spark racing can offer your. Once again I thank you for visiting us on the web. Sincerely Spark Racing

Introducing Lextreme Latest Parts Sponsors: TM Engineering Thanks to Todd M. from TM Engineering for donating a set of custom 1UZFE Cumming Rods.  These rods are stock specs with lots of room to handle huge horsepower.  If you need racing rods, pistons and any other parts for your Lexus-Toyota, please contact TM Engineering.  Thank you Todd.

Daizen Sport Tuning: DST is leading Lexus after market suspension manufacture.  This company conduct its own research and development to create products few levels beyond Lexus OEM standards.  DST is currently creating new products as we speak and carry full line high performance suspension parts for Lexus lines.  This company specialized in Lexus Performance Suspension.  Pay them a visit or when your aged Lexus need new suspension parts, you know where to go.  Daizen Sport Tuning products are specifically engineered for your distinguished Lexus automobile. Each of these parts has been extensively tested for proper fit, finish and performance, assuring optimum performance and reliability. Our products are designed by discriminating enthusiasts for discriminating enthusiasts.  We utilize only the highest quality materials, components and manufacturing processes, resulting in products that meet or exceed OEM specifications. 

Strutmasters: Recently contacted Strutmasters and inquired about their new Lexus Air Suspension Conversion kit.  Nicely enough Strutmasters sent me a set of struts for my old and aged air shocks.  All I say is that these shocks are great.  Lowered my car about 1.5″ and handles like a small car.