1UZFE EGR Delete Kit

UPDATE: A limited supply of original Lextreme parts are back in stock including the best-selling 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit, torque converter and supercharger fish bracket!

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lexus ls400 sc400 egr delete kit(resistor not pictured but is included in the kit – forgot to add it to the pic)

How to order:

We got a small supply of the EGR Delete Kits delivered recently from our machinist. I don’t know how many more we’re going to get as they keep increasing the production cost.

The total cost, shipped within the USA is $99. If you want one, please send $99 to me via PayPal at [email protected] and we’ll ship it via USPS Priority Mail. (If you’re outside the USA, the total cost is $119.) After sending the PayPal, please send a follow-up email containing the correct shipping address.

Installation is extremely straight-forward and the included instructions are clear but if you need additional help, just email me! Lextreme customers have been extremely happy with their results.

This is the quickest, easiest and most important mod available for the 1UZFE, bar none!

About the kit:

The EGR block-off plates are for the 1990-1994 Lexus LS400 and 1992-1996 SC400.  (We’ve been told that they do work on 1995, 1996 and 1997 1UZFE Models but need a little modification. We’re working on a kit specifically for those models but if you have a little ingenuity, this will work with a slight modification!)

In the past, some have bought expensive blockoff plate kits that don’t have instructions or other necessary components to actually delete the EGR system. This kit includes everything to completely delete the system! The blockoff plates purchase has led many in the community to a loss of money because they end up having to buy our genuine kit in the end anyway! Our’s is the only real solution!

These premium-quality CNC machined mild steel plates were designed by engineers and will allow you to completely remove the EGR system.

Why is this really important?  

The factory EGR system allows super-heated exhaust gases to re-circulate from the rear of the cylinder head back to the intake manifold. The excessive heat at the rear of the head has been known to be the cause of detonation.

I have personally witnessed malfunctioning EGR valves leak and reduce performance and increase exhaust noise.  I also experience cracked EGR pipe and my “check engine” light came on. 

I drove around for a year with my EGR pipe cracked and its a very common problem with Lexus V8 engine.  After I replaced my EGR pipe the “check engine” light was gone and no more exhaust leak and noise.  However, it was expensive.  Replacing the EGR pipe is very expensive in parts and labor. 

This kit will simply eliminate these problems forever!

The stock gaskets can be re-used from the EGR system. Installation instructions, premium hardware and the proper-value resistor which prevents MIL/CEL are also included.


Here is what you get:
* Exhaust Passenger Side Block Plate
* Intake Exhaust Plate
* Side EGR Block Plate
* Resistor (to prevent CEL/MIL)
* All Necessary Hardware
* Radiator Bypass Hose
* New Vacuum Line
* Plug Caps
* Everything you need in one premium kit!

Here are just some of the benefits:
* Lower intake temperature, therefore increased horsepower
* Slightly better gas mileage
* Reduce expensive Lexus parts for repair of EGR systems, etc.
* Increase exhaust flow for turbo application
* Easier to change injectors and other parts due to EGR delete.
* Cleaner look of your engine bay (it’ll look a LOT cleaner)
* Support 1UZFE aftermarket development/community

“Thought it was going to be thin and cheap but actually impressed with its quality. thanks!” – marcellowilliams

You can remove the following:
* Vacuum Pipe
* Fuel Pressure VSV
* Accelerator Bracket
* EGR Valve and Vacuum Modulator
* EGR pipe
* Radiator coolant bypass
* Misc. Vacuum lines

Above: Red Brackets above are what you can remove.  Green bracket means the system can be deleted.

This is how it looks after installation of the kit:

Still undecided about whether you need to delete the EGR system?

Watch our very own Kelvin (gloverman from the forums) explain and demonstrate in the video below! (skip to 11:45 for the best part)

Do you have any questions? If so, please head over to the forums to get a quick answer or share your experience!

This is a freelance site with no support by huge companies.  I have been doing most of the R&D and technical write-ups by myself with my personal money and literally thousands of hours of my time.  I have taken extra steps to demonstrate in details how things are done.  Currently I am one of the few people doing Lexus V8 research and performance enhancement.  This effort comes from my personal love for this wonderful engine.  Most of the modifications are from trial and error. There's no cookbook for 1UZFE mods and its unknown territory for much of supercharger performance.  The parts, labor, web development and site hosting are 100% paid from my personal hobby money.  If you feel my efforts help you in any form, please do not hesitate to donate any amount of money to support this site. You have no idea how much I and the entire Lexus and Toyota community appreciate it!

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  1. So how exactly do I buy this kit?? I didn’t see a purchase button. I need to do this on my 94 ls400 so the egr pipe never cracks.

    1. The kits are available. We’ve never once heard of the CEL coming on, only going off. Please see instructions at the top of the page for purchasing. Quantities are limited.

  2. Hello I NEED TO PURCHASE THIS KIT ASAP. I SENT YOU A EMAIL Or You Can Call Me To Make It Easier.

    1. nvm just found out japan didnt require them. but i am interested in a torque convertor its a 92 celsior would your application work?

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