How to Change/Fix a Leaking Oil Pan

This is a common problem for the Previa.  I had this problem and its very embarrassing especially when you park in your friend’s driveway.  To fix this is very easy and cheap.  The goal of this procedure is to take out the oil pan and put in new silicone.  The first thing you need to … Read more

1UZ and 3UZ Stroker Kit

In this article I would like to explore the potential of increased displacement for the UZFE engines. We all know the Lexus and Toyota V8 engines are very strong and can take some punishment. However, I think if I do a survey most owners would agree with me about increase displacement.  How can we achieve … Read more

Cartech Fuel Management Unit

Cartech Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator is available now for $270. The page below is copy of Cartech website. Purpose of the Rising Rate Regulator The Cartech regulators are designed specifically to add fuel to modified EFI engines (turbos, superchargers and normally aspirated). This is accomplished by using the manifold vac/pressure to drive the fuel … Read more

1992 Toyota Celsior & LS400 Black Interior

PLEASE NOTE: NONE OF THE PARTS BELOW ARE AVAILABLE. For help, please post a request on the forums and let us know what you’re looking for. If anyone can help, we can! Lexus LS400 Climate Control LCD (LHD) $160 Is your climate control LCD screen blacked out? This is what you need for the DIY approach. Comes … Read more

Mechanical Parts

PLEASE NOTE: NONE OF THE PARTS BELOW ARE AVAILABLE. For help, please post a request on the forums and let us know what you’re looking for. If anyone can help, we can! LS400, SC400 and GS400 Timing Belt $70 Here is your chance to change out your 90K miles timing belt. This is original Lexus … Read more

2006 Toyota Sienna Review & Previa Minivan Reliability

We are currently working on wide variety of technical articles on all of the Toyota Vans.  From the Previa and Wonder Wagon to the latest Sienna.  We are accepting articles from any model.  Please contact me at [email protected] Wonder Wagon The Toyota Van was a vehicle made by Toyota and was available worldwide in a multitude of different versions. … Read more

Scan Tools For Toyota Engine Swaps

Scan tools are a good aid in swapping engines. It would give you a good insight into a problem, or indicate that you need a wiring expert before it’s too late. Below I will try to cover some of the most important factors to keep in mind when using them, specifically for most popular engine … Read more

Exhaust Header Flanges for Lexus & Toyota

THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER FOR SALE So you want to turbo your SC400/430, LS400/430, GS400/430, Tundra and all those Lexus-Toyota V8 vehicles? Officially there isn’t any turbo kit out in the market and there wont be for many more years to come. The only way to turbo your car/truck is to make your own. … Read more

Lexus Supercharger Bracket for LS400, SC400, Tundra, etc.

For the first time we are making this Lextreme supercharger “fish bracket” available for the public. I decided to make it in mild steel, non-coated so you can coat or paint it anyway you want. THIS PRODUCT IS DISCONTINUED This bracket was cut via an advanced high pressure water jet machine to deliver a precise … Read more

Lexus 1UZFE Engine Rebuild & Gasket Kit

>> OUT OF STOCK – DISCONTINUED – UNAVAILABLE << Power Steering Rebuild Kit $92 Rebuild power steering is about 225 dollars and you can save lot of money if you rebuild it yourself. The process is very simple and require some basic tools. You can save hundreds if you do this yourself. Model GS400GS430LS400LS430LX470SC400SC4304RunnerSequoiaTundra Year … Read more