Cartech Fuel Management Unit

cartech fmuCartech Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator is available now for $270.

The page below is copy of Cartech website.

Purpose of the Rising Rate Regulator

The Cartech regulators are designed specifically to add fuel to modified EFI engines (turbos, superchargers and normally aspirated). This is accomplished by using the manifold … Read the rest of the post...

2006 Toyota Sienna Review & Previa Minivan Reliability

We are currently working on wide variety of technical articles on all of the Toyota Vans.  From the Previa and Wonder Wagon to the latest Sienna.  We are accepting articles from any model.  Please contact me at [email protected]

Wonder Wagon
The Toyota Van was a vehicle made by Toyota and … Read the rest of the post...

Lexus Supercharger Bracket for LS400, SC400, Tundra, etc.

For the first time we are making this Lextreme supercharger “fish bracket” available for the public. I decided to make it in mild steel, non-coated so you can coat or paint it anyway you want.

This bracket was cut via an advanced high pressure water jet machine to deliver a … Read the rest of the post...

Lexus-Toyota Forged Pistons/Forged H-Beam Rods


ATTENTION 1998 and New Lexus-Toyota V8 Owners:
If you own a 98 or newer Lexus or Toyota V8 engine and currently having some type of forced induction such as turbocharged or supercharged.  The stock rods are only good for about … Read the rest of the post...

Forced Induction Lexus-Toyota 1UZFE, 2UZFE 3UZFE Performance Longblock

There has been huge demand for forced induction in the Lexus V8 Community and I have few connections to some of the top performance engine builders locally.

For the first time in the United States Lexus-Toyota V8 history.  We are offering custom build 1uzfe, 2uzfe and 3uzfe engines.  The packages … Read the rest of the post...

Comparing 2JZGTE Valve Spec Vs. 1UZFE Valve Specs

Ferrea Valve Specification

Properties 2JZ Intake 2JZ Exhaust 1UZ Intake 1UZ Exhaust 2JZ Retainer 1UZ Retainer
Stem Length 98.55mm 99.10mm 95.2 mm 97.12 mm .340″ Height .299″ Height
Stem Diameter 5.98mm 5.98mm 5.96 mm 5.96 mm .986″ O.D. .986″ O.D.
Valve Size 33.60mm 29mm 33.45 mm 28.04 mm .786″ 2nd
Read the rest of the post...

Lexus SC400 LS400 V8 1UZFE Methanol Injection Kit

Methanol/Water Injection is available NOW for just $499.00

This system will work on all first generation Lexus SC400 or LS400 with Supercharger, Turbo, Natural Aspirated or any turbo cars.  Slight modifications will be needed if you are running N/A SC400 or LS400 because of the location of the methanol injection … Read the rest of the post...