Twin Turbo Lexus SC400 with 4.7L Tundra Motor

From my personal research this is the first Lexus (car) ever got this swap.  This is something to be proud of.  This is a functional and running SC400/Soarer with this 4.7L engine from the Toyota Truck/SUV.  The goal of this project is to terrorize the performance cars on the street and on the track.  With help of sponsors and financial donations, this car will be pushing close to 900-1000 hp with massive lower end.  Why this project?  The 2UZFE has one of the best bottom ends.  This iron block with two bolt main is about to get a modified 1uzfe bolt main caps.  This engine is long overdue for high power production.  The strong foundation with performance aftermarket parts along with race proven parts from world famous Supra MKIV Twin Turbo.  I have worked very hard and search for a very long time to get Supra interchangeable parts.  Thanks to Spark Racing and their help for 2JZ parts.  I also want to thank our Lextremers for their knowledge and support.  This motor is being build slowly while waiting for a roll chaise, sponsors and money.  The below list of parts are partially in and partially looking for or being made as we speak.  If you or your company would like to participate in this build, please contact me.

We are humbly aiming for at least 1000 hp and looking for respectable ET.  Due to the high expense of this project, we are currently seeking major sponsorship
Fat Boy Garage = Turbos, Intercooler and Silicones
4Atomic Speedware = Chevy 327 Rods and ARP L 19 Bolt Studs
4B and E Customs = 8 Delphi low impedance 1000 cc/min Injectors
4Wolfkatz Engineering = Upgrade Fuel Rail with 8 AN capable of 1000+ hp
4Spark Racing = Installation of the Twin Turbo & Fuel Systems.
4Cometic Gaskets = MLS head gaskets
4Performance Coatings = High performance headers and other parts coatings.
4Powder Coating and wheel repair = Powder coating and wheel repair.

Bottom End  
Block The block will be the modified 2uzfe iron block from 2 bolt main to 4 bolt main by using 1uzfe 6 bolt main caps with .01" over bore and hone
Crank Stock 1UZFE forged steel crank
Mains Stock 1UZFE 6 bolt mains but only 4 will used (no side bolts) and 2UZFE Main Studs
Bearings Clevite 77 H series performance rod bearing, Main, and Thrust bearings from Federal Mogul Bearings.
Rods Modified Chevy 5.7 H-Beam Rods Forged H-Beam Rods with ARP L19 bolt handling 1200 hp.  However, we have rods that will bolt on
without modifications.
Pistons Custom made Ross Forged Pistons with Chevy rods pin size 8.5:1 compression with .010" overbore
Pins Chevy Race piston pins handling 1,200 hp
Rings The rings will be chrome molly rings to reduce detonation.
Heads Moderately Ported 1UZFE heads SC400)
Valves Lextreme stainless steel oversize valves
Springs Lextreme Performance Valve springs
Retainers Stock retainers
Cams Lextreme Stage II Cams
Studs & Bolts Custom ARP 7/16"studs will be use on the heads along with ARP Rod bolts
Gaskets Cometic Multi-Layer Steel Gaskets (sponsored)
Headers Custom build mild steel twin turbo headers


This monster will be feed by two Garrett T04S 60-1 with .48 A/R
Blow Of Valve Need Sponsor but I have success with 50 mm Tial


Dual 255 Walbro high volume and high pressure fuel pump with (8) 1000 cc injectors with 1000+ hp custom fuel rails by Wolfkatz Engineering
Injectors I will be using Delphi 1000 cc/min low impedance injectors
Intercooler Custom Bar and Plate front mount intercooler.  The intercooler will be 4.5" x 15" x 32" with dual inlets and one outlet along with internal baffles.
Management MKIV Supra TT AEM EMS. 


8 Single-post TTL driven ignition coil


Custom Magnecor Spark Plug Wires


Chevy TH400 with Lextreme Adaptor Plate & Custom Torque Converter

2UZFE (Tundra 4.7 Iron Block)
The 4.7 liter is the big brother of both 1uzfe and 3uzfe.  The reason I choose the 2UZFE Tundra Block is because its an iron block and it also have slightly larger bore (3.70" as compare to 3.44" for the 1UZFE).  Secondly the 2UZFE also has a larger stroke.  The 2uzfe has 3.31" vs. 3.25 for both 1 and 3UZFE.  Some of you might say why would you put in a 82 lbs heavier motor in a SC400 and has only 2 bolt main.  The two bolt main will be converted to 4 bolt main by using 1uzfe main cap and drill and tap two additional holes for the main caps.  As compare from 1UZFE and 2UZFE.  The 1UZFE uses 10 mm @ 1.50 pitch studs and the Tundra uses 11 mm @ 1.25 pitch.  The main caps will be two 11mm studs with two 10 mm studs.  4 main studs can handle mega horsepower.  However, the main caps from 1uzfe will not be just bolt on.  The 2uzfe block will be cut slightly to make room to mate with the 1UZFE main caps.

The iron short block is 82 pounds heavier.  However with larger cubic and advantages of iron block.  One of the major disadvantages of iron block its its weight.  However, for high power application, iron block will make more hp pound per pound of boost.  Iron blocks are stronger structurally and have less gives or movement during high hp application.  Iron block also have less expansion during high heat and therefore the rings seal better in the combustion chamber.  Lastly, iron block doesn't dissipate heat too well and therefore it retain more heat and heat will help make more hp.

Rotating Assembly:
No I will not use those skinny rods from the Tundra Motor (Picture has 1, 2, 3uz and H Beam Rod.  I will be using the Chevy aftermarket 5.7 forged H-Beam rods.  The reason I use Chevy rods is because they are dirt cheap and its very strong.  The Chevy H Beam rods are slightly heavier and might affect the redline, but for this high hp application stock, light weight or aluminum rods will not do the job.  An average custom set of forged rods is about $1,400 and an off the shelf Chevy 327 rods is about $500.  Believe it or not, the Chevy 327 Small Journal 5.7 rods are almost the same as the UZFE rods. 

However recently we have made some H beam rods specifically for 1uzfe, 2uzfe and 3uzfe engines.  These rods are bolt to your stock pistons or aftermarket forged pistons.  Please see here for more details on Lextreme Lightening Rods.

I will be using 1UZFE heads.  Why you may ask.  The reason I will be using 1UZFE is because they are cheap.  You can get set of heads for less then $100.  However, the good things still to come.  I will be swapping out the stock valves with Lextreme Over Size Valves.  The intake gets 1.5 mm over size and exhaust receive 1.25 mm.  Beside the larger valves, we also put in stronger valve springs.  Our valve springs are double the stock setting pressure and they are prefect for high rpm application.  The stock 1uzfe spring seating pressure is 45 lbs and our springs are 82 lbs.  More details and explanation.

Here are some Computer dyno figures performed by Mike Duke from Australia:
Ported 1UZFE heads with Larger Valve, Cams and Boost

Fuel System:
Due to high demand on fuel supply, this project will receive a custom set of high flow fuel rails along with 8 1000cc low impedance injectors.  These injectors can support up to 1600 bhp and the fuel rail will support 1200+ bhp.  This system is being fed by two high volume, high pressure Walbro fuel pumps.  From the fuel pumps, the fuel will travel via two 6-AN stainless steel braided lines and then join into a Y fitting to 10-AN.  The 10-AN line from run from the end of the car to the engine.  From there, the 10-AN will T off into two 8-AN.

For the return line, the 8-AN will join into a T and exist to an Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regular via a 6-AN.  From there, the return line will be 6-AN.  Please see below diagram for details.  The two pictures below are the complete custom fuel rails and fittings along with a close up shot of a 1000 cc/min low impedance injectors.

I would like to run Garrett GT35R with .63 turbine A/R.  GT35R is rated 600 bhp and the combined would be around 1,200 bhp.  With the larger cubic inches, the ball bearing turbos will spool up very nicely.  Initially I was going to make something call SSTT (Single Sequential Twin Turbo) but due to the complexity of the pippings and space.  I just stick with the traditional two turbos setup.

The intercooler will 4.5" x 15" x 32" with two inlets and one outlet.  The intercooler is top to bottom configuration with bar and plate.  The two GT30R will have a 2.5" inlet with a top to bottom style intercooler.

Custom Forged Pistons & Rods
Here are some pictures of the piston and rod along with tappered wall pins with Total Seal Chromely Molly Rings.  The pistons are 8.5:1 compression ratio.  With proper Fuel/Air/Ignition Tuning, these internals can handle over 1000 hp.  The forged internals are custom designed to handle high boost applications.  Below are custom pistons and Chevy H Beam rods.  I have two sets of H Beam rods.  Eagle ESP 3D and Carrillo.  I am still debating which rods to use.  The Eagle rods are rated 1,200 bhp and Carrillo from what I heard is rated at 1,600 bhp.  The Eagle rods are brand new.  However, the Carrillo rods were used once for a NASCAR event.  It has brand new pin bushings.  So, its basically brand new.  Eagle H Beam rods are about mid $500 and you get it from  Its the best rod for the price.  However, Carrillo is about $2,200 a set, but i paid $450 for them.  I just can not pass this great deal.  What do u think?

                 Carrillo Rod                                     Eagle Rod                                   Carrillo Rod                            Eagle Rod

If you are interested in purchasing above Forged H-Beam, please visit here!

Here are some pictures of the Federal main bearings and Clevitte performance rod bearings.  I am still waiting for the Main and Thrust bearings.  However, here some pics.

Here are my custom 1000+ hp custom fuel rails by Wolfkatz Engineering

Today I finally got some time to work on my SC470TT project.   I got a set of 3/8" mild steel flange and started to cut up the pipes.  Here are the plan of attack.  The primary pipes will be 1.5" mild steel and join to 4 in 1 stainless steel collector .  Here are some pictures of my amature fabrication.  Once again, I didn't have any formal training in welding or fabrication.  As I am doing this project, its also a learning process for me too.  The pictures below took me about 45 minutes.  I got 2 1.5" U bend and cut them right into the middle and you get 4 90 degree elbows.  These are tac weld and once its done, I will bring them to a local welding shop for tig weld.


Its finally here. Just pick-up my 2UZFE shortblock for my SC470TT project. This engine is a work of art. Here are the specs.

Block: Tundra 2UZFE 4.7 Iron block
Crank: 1uzfe crank
Main: 4 bolt main from 1uzfe VVTi conversion
Rods: Eagle ESP 3D H Beam with L19 ARP bolts Atomic Speedware Sponsored
Pistons: Custom Ross forged 8.5:1 Compression
Pins: Heavy duty Ross pins
Rings: Total Seal heavy duty custom rings
Bolts/Studs: ARP 11 mm main bolts (4 per main)
Head Studs: 7/16" drilled and taped

The engine also got VIP service. TLC everywhere..
* Hot Tank
* Align Bore (.02" over)
* Align Hone
* Deck
* Power Hone
* Convert to 4 bolt
* Pin fit rods
* Resize
* Balance Assembly
* Grind Crankshaft
* Full Assemble

Here is my progress on the engine building.  So far the 2uzfe fits like a glove.  More details on the build up and block swap.

Here is a picture of the Lextreme Lightning Rod and forged pistons combo

A closer look at that custom forged Ross piston.

Here is a rough view of the 4 bolt main conversion

This view shows the mains with ARP studs and H beam rods.

A closer look at the ARP L-19 bolts

2UZFE block with 1uzfe pistons design.

A rear view of the 2UZFE block

A closer look at the 1uzfe face pistons with two valve relief.

Oil pick up and oil pan. Its a direct bolt on.

Here is the engine with water pump and oil pump installed along with heads and manifolds.

Different view of the long block.

The black portion of the engine is the Tundra Iron block

Everything fits like a glove. All the parts are interchangeable.

Intakes are installed

Frontal view of hybrid engine

Fully installed bottom end.

This view from top to bottom. All fit like a glove.

All accessories are just bolt right on.

SC400 oil pan. Besides the block, everything else is from a SC400.

Noticed something strange? Yes I mounted the alternator backward so I can utlized the space for turbo.

Just want to update our frequent visitors with good news.  The engine is finally finished along with the ported heads.  I also picked up a high mileage 1995 SC400 with 1997 body kit.  Its black on black and its a prefect car to host my 2uzfe/1uzfe engine.  Here is a picture of my car with 19" rims and Tein Basic coilovers.

This car will get few more 97 SC400 body parts along with a new coat of paint and I would call it a day.  I am not a bling bling type of guy.  I want something nice and settle.  I am too old for this type of stuff.  Secondly, making my car too much look will attract cops and its not a good thing.  So I prefer to stay somewhat low profile.  However, when it comes to speed would be another story.  This car has 228,000 miles on it.  When swap out the engine, it still has the original sparkplug wires. 



Here are some pictures of the custom engine mounts I made specifically for 1992-1997 SC400 or 1990-1997 LS400.  These mounts are made of solid 3/8" mild steel with welding both inside and out side.  They are available upon request.  These mounts fit into the engine like a glove.  Solid, functional and beautiful.  We can also make custom mounts for the GS400 and GS430 also.






Here are two pictures of SC470 engine about to be install.  Once again, everything look very factory like.  

Here is the final product of this swap.  From outside, the engine looks completely stock.  However, internally its a beast.

Yes, I know.  You are asking for dyno and videos.  At this moment, I am still taking an easy on the engine so it would break in properly.  I will post some dyno numbers when this car is ready in N/A form.  However, here few videos taken during the initial start up of the engine.

Engine Start Up


Accelerate from a dead stop

1,800 RPM burn out

Here is my initial dyno with low compression pistons along with stock exhaust system.  However, it does have Stage II Cams and few other none hp contributory mods.

According to 1992 SC400: RWHP is about 180 (28% drivetrain lost)
Max. Output (SAE-NET) 250@5600 rpm
Max. Torque (SAE-NET) 260@4400 rpm

According to 2000 Tundra: RWHP is about 205
Max. Output [SAE-NET] 245 HP@4800 rpm
Max. Torque [SAE-NET] 315 lb-ft@3400 rpm

According to 2001 GS430:
Max. Output (SAE-NET) 300@5600 rpm
Max. Torque (SAE-NET) 325@3400 rpm

According to 1995 SC470: RWHP is about 226 and 256 rwtq with 28% drive train lost.
Max. Output (SAE-NET) 315@5000 rpm
Max. Torque (SAE-NET) 355@3900 rpm

The next thing will be relocating the alternator, delete the AC compressor and electric fans conversion.

If your company would like to participant in any of the Major Sponsorship categories, please contact direct so we can work out the details.  Conversion kit is available for Soarer/SC400, Celsior/LS400 or Aristo/GS400 right here.

Some progress has been made will the holidays are over.  Recently I and few of my friends installed the twin inlet top to bottom intercooler.  Its is not your typical side to side bling bling front mount.  Here is the mock up pictures and perhaps I might move it down 3 inches lower.  We will have to see.

The intercooler is sitting little high but it is very functional.  However, I might have to move it down about 4 inches.

As for the twin turbo headers.  Its done with few other minor fabrications.  The only thing I really need right now would the down pipes for the turbos.   Once that is done, then all the pipes will get ceramic coating for thermo protection.  Here are some pictures:

Here are two turbos mounted on a free standing motor.  Few more months these turbos should in the car.

I got few updates for our visitors.  We managed to pull the engine and transmission out and I deleted all of the A/C related parts including the AC condenser.  I used polished aluminum pipes and couplers supplied by Fat Boy Garage This company is very good to deal with along with great prices too.  I highly recommend this company.  Anyway, here are some pictures:

The pipes and bends fit so well.  SC400 chaise was blessed with lots of room and it was meant for twin turbo.  The tope and bottom intercooler fits between the frame rails like a pair of gloves.  I will use mild steel for my intercooler outlet pipe because I want to weld them together and powder coat them matted black.

Fat Boy Garage has all of my intercooling parts I need.  Intercooler, pipes, couplers, T Bolt clamps.  Give them a call and ask for Chung tell them David from refer you.


This is a freelance site and its not supported by huge companies.  I have been doing most of the R&D and technical write-ups by myself with my personal money.  I have taken extra steps to demonstrate in details how things are done.  Currently I am one of the few people doing Lexus V8 research and performance enhancement.  This effort comes from my personal love for this wonderful engine.  Most of the modifications are from trail and errors.  There is no cook book for the 1UZFE modifications and its a virgin territory for performance.  Most of the parts, labor, web development and site hosting are from my personal hobby money.  If you feel my effort help you in any form, please do not hesitate to donate any amount of money to support this site.