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Lexus-Toyota 2UZFE Block Swap (Tundra)

Most of you guys and gals are interested in more horse power.  I get 10-12 emails a day asking me how to increase hp on there Lexus.  Like I always do, I refer them to our Lexus-Toyota V8 Forum.  This is where all the hot topics are located.  I normally don’t answer technical questions via email or pm.  Most of the answers are in our forum.

Anyway, back to this article.

One of the easiest to increase hp is to increase cubic.  Since most first generation SC400 and LS400 are in the 200,000 miles range.  Its pretty much time to refresh your motor.  This is especially true if you are going to forced induce your motor.  Regardless its Toyota or Chevy, aged motors are not meant to be forced induced period.

One of the thing I have made for myself is to increase cubic by changing out the aged 4.0 liters with the Toyota Tundra 2UZFE block.  As for the 2UZ block, you can find them all over local junk yards.  Rebuildable 2UZ shortblock is about $450-$500.  Please contact me if you need one.  I have a friend with 3-4 shortblocks laying around.  The Toyota 2uzfe was in the Tundra, Sequoia, V8 4Runner, Lexus LX470 and GX470 from 1999 to 2006.  However, 90% of the time when you find a 2UZ shortblock in a junk yard, its most likely have broken rods.  Tundra rods are very skinny and weak.  Due to the weak rods in the 2uzfe (matter of fact all Lexus and Toyota V8 engine from 1998-2006 have skinny rods) that is why I always recommend this Lextreme Lightning H Beam Rods Combo to my members.  This rods are machined to work with Lexus/Toyota oem rod bearings.

Once you got the block from the junk yard.  You can keep the stock rods or using slight stronger rods from the first generation 1uzfe.  Regardless of horse power level.  The stock 2UZ rods will be ok with natural aspirated application, but I highly discourage in forced induction application.  Since the Tundra pistons design is different from your LS400 or SC400, there a set of custom pistons is require.  We have been dealing exclusively with Ross Pistons and we have a very good working relationship with this company.  I would have to say, Lexus V8 forged pistons market is owned by Ross.  They have made the most Lexus/Toyota Pistons than any other pistons company including JE.  I have total faith in Ross and the support team.

Once you got the block, rods and custom pistons done.  Now its time to take it to a local engine builder to put everything together.  The price tag for this process is about $1,200-$2,000 depending on how many things you want.  I have couple of our members spent slightly over $2,000 just for the labor part of the engine building.

Why 2UZFE?  There are lots of people might not think this is a great idea because 2UZ only have 2 bolt main along with old iron block.  Yes, its true that the old iron is heavier then the 1uzfe or 3uzfe shortblock.  Matter of fact its 82 lbs heavier and yes its only 2 bolt main.  However with only 2 bolt main, this setup from Toyota is pretty strong.  I am not surprise to see over 1,000 rwhp just with stock 2 bolt main.  Here is an interesting link that pistons, rods and block were destroy but the main were fine.  So I wouldn’t worry about it unless you want he bragging right of having 4 bolt main.  This old iron block will really shin when turbo application involved.  I have heard a racing team using this 2uzfe block and they are in the 6 seconds range with holding over 50 psi.

The 1uzfe parts from the SC400 or LS400 will bolt right in for the exception of the oil pick up pan.  You will need to drill out a 6 mm hole from the SC400/LS400 to 8 mm.  No big deal.  Just use a 8 mm bit and enlarge the holes.  You will also need 8 mm bolts too.  The second obstacle would be engine mount.  The Tundra engine mount bracket have different pattern and a custom set of engine mount will require to fit this 2uzfe block into LS or SC engine bay.  I have made the set of engine mounts especially for this swap.  Please contact me to purchase the 2uzfe/1uzfe engine mount.

Lexus-Toyota 2UZFE Engine Mount

This special engine mount is made of 3/8″ mild steel with laser cut plates.  Each mount is made by hands in a jig for consistency and accuracy.  Each mount is made of 6 piece of mild steel and hand weld together to provide maximum strength.  To protect these mounts  we also painted the mounts with a special wealth proof coating to prevent rusting.  More pics and details will follow.

The heads, intake and all other parts will fit like a glove.  Like I stated above all you need is a slight modification of the oil pick up pan holes and purchase our custom engine mounts and you are set.  Here is a the breakdown of the budget you need:

Core: $450
Pistons: $1,100 or Piston/Rods combo $1,995
Labor: $1,200 to $2,000
Mounts: $275
Misc Bolts: $10
Labor for Installing the engine: $1,500
Total budget:$4,500-5,000
The amount above is not cheap.  However, go fast is not cheap.  Personally, I did the above and put two turbos on the side.  If you rebuild your stock 1uzfe would cost very similar.  However to save money you can use 1uzfe rods.  I hope this article will inspire you and “just do it!”


Here is a picture of the Lextreme Lightning Rod and forged pistons combo

A closer look at that custom forged Ross piston.

Here is a rough view of the 4 bolt main conversion

This view shows the mains with ARP studs and H beam rods.

A closer look at the ARP L-19 bolts

2UZFE block with 1uzfe pistons design.

A rear view of the 2UZFE block

A closer look at the 1uzfe face pistons with two valve relief.

Oil pick up and oil pan. Its a direct bolt on.

Here is the engine with water pump and oil pump installed along with heads and manifolds.

Different view of the long block.

The black portion of the engine is the Tundra Iron block

Everything fits like a glove. All the parts are interchangeable.

Intakes are installed

Frontal view of hybrid engine

Fully installed bottom end.

This view from top to bottom. All fit like a glove.

All accessories are just bolt right on.

SC400 oil pan. Besides the block, everything else is from a SC400.

Noticed something strange? Yes I mounted the alternator backward so I can utlized the space for turbo.

Here is a set of custom engine mount housing I made for the 2uzfe block for a SC400 or LS400 and Possible all other 1uzfe and 3uzfe chasis.

If you look very closely you see the engine mount housing on the block.
Do you have any questions? If so, please head over to the forums to get a quick answer or share your experience!

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