plz HELP 1uz build/R&D

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.


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Hello, new member here, and I'm here for a very specific purpose.

Basically, I've lost my job due to this forking virus and have moved in with family for the time being. Being as I have nothing but time, I've decided to embark on an R&D dream of mine while im in isolation (I have a toddler and a prego wife, so we are on about as close to lockdown as can be for the foreseeable future).

SO, essentially its a variant of a high comp 1uz build, but wildly more involved than just that. I am semi reserved to share all the details just yet, as it has come from deep within my imagination, however once Im far enough along that I have all the bugs worked out I will liberally share photos/specs/"how to"s for whomever is interested.

I will just say that this is going to be a very obscure build, for a very obscure vehicle, that will be nothing short of mechanical "crack" for people of the mechanical obsession.

so to cut to the chase,


1. NOT power. im perfectly fine with the numbers the 1uz produces. the vehicle it will go in weighs 2000 lbs with the engine/trans removed. it is pre smog (1975) so I WILL street this vehicle A LOT. drivability it close to the top of my list of priorities. I will most likely crank a couple extra horseys out anyways. So im not concerned about that.

2. Throttle response (hence the name). I have a couple of ideas to achieve this but the main one is a fairly aggressive compression ratio. the other has do do with the fuel system, but that info will be released in due time..

3. E85 efficiency. I BELIEVE IN CORN haha. But seriously, I just like the idea of pump gas you can squeeze the snot out of while still advancing timing. keeping in mind that I want to drive this thing all over town, keeping it reasonably economic is important to me. Nay sayers be damned, I believe it can be done.

4. SOUND. After spending an entire day at the Can Am races at Laguna Seca last year, the sound of those V8s have been haunting my dreams. I have so many ideas to make this engine be the coolest sounding this on the road its ridiculous. Ferarri should hire me haha. but also, these will be revealed in due time.

5. Cost. cars aint cheap. but goddammit its what I love. much of what ill be doing is grandaddy hotrodder parts mixing/machining to get things how I want them. the 1uz IS complex but they're cheap and plentiful enough to tinker with at a reasonable price (aside from custom made parts, the goal is to avoid that).

now for why im here:


basically if there is anyone from LA county to Bakersfield that has ANY of the following, I will come to you to pick it up myself, or if you anywhere else and shipping is reasonable that works too:

-1uz block
-vvti head(just one is fine)
-1uz crankshaft/rods/pistons

I do NOT care about the condition of these parts. they are strictly for pulling dimensions/ cross-referencing w/ other parts.

that being said, I lost my job, these are hypothetically trash anyways, please don't try to squeeze me (...please just give me them for free..).

Even any interest/insight is much appreciated, whatever you can do to keep my hyperactive mind fixated on something productive is extremely appreciated.... but the parts would be best haha.

thanks for the read