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  • Hello Jbrady, I'm planning an exhaust for my 96 us spec sc 400. I know you recommend keeping the stock Y pipe right after the cats. After looking over pictures of the stock exhaust and where the pipes come together into a Y, I'm having trouble visualizing where to make the cut. It seems they join together directly at the 3rd catalyst in sort of a pancake pipe. Will a 2.5 in straight through resonator fit over that pancake section if cut an 1" from the pipes joining or do you first need to custom pancaked 2.5" section to feed into the resonator? How far after the pipes join can you cut before your cutting into the catalyst?

    I'm trying to preserve the low end torque people seem to loose by replacing this section, thank you in advance for your time.
    Hi JBrady... just for the record, what weight oil would you run in a 1UZ VVTi (1998)?
    I'm in Sydney Australia and its mid winter.... nights get down to 4C and days will be in the low 20's (C)
    thanks J :)
    Hey John, I was wondering if you happened to know the max oil pressure a UZ will see at redline. Also, im trying to find out if the stock UZ oil pressure sensor would work in place of an autometer oil pres. sending unit. Both are 1 wire... I would rather not add a T to my filter housing. Any help is appreciated,

    Sean French [email protected]
    G'day jbrady... thanks for replying... i was actually asking about front strut bars and are they worthwhile (on a UCF21 with Bilstiens)
    G'day mr cribbj... Do you think a front strut bar would make any noticable difference ?
    (on my UCF21 with Bilstien heavy duty shocks)?
    Well... i spent all weekend looking up part numbers.. I found this great site called toyodiy.com (tip.. when looking for something, type this into a google seach..
    eg: 1996 Supra JZA80 toyodiy.com ..and the look for toyodiy.com in the address of the examples......
    I sused out the diff part numbers for all the Supra's, UCF10's and UCF20's, UCF30's, Chaser's, Soarer's, GS's, SC's, Aristo's.and V8 Crown's
    O.M.G !!!!
    Ive got part numbers comming out of my !@%^$ ears !!!!!!!!!! :(
    I have nine A4 pages of numbers.... i recorded diff case (open or LSD), side shaft, which is the stub axle coming out of the side of the diff which is different for open or LSD, companion flange (what the tailshaft atatches to), and final drive (ratio) part numbers...........
    Its gunna take me a few days to digest all these numbers and decide what fits what......
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