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The bell housing I’m looking for fits between a 92 Lexus 1uzfe and a 86 Toyota G52 manual Tranny. To clarify my question does anyone know which vehicle uses the same bell housing in a 4x4 toy or Lexus?
I have 1uz vvti with a dicktator management the engine misfires and have a high idling.The spark plug are black.What could be the problem guys
Hi guys thanks for letting me join, I’ve just bought a Lexus 1 UZ engine to put into a boat and would be grateful of any information about the modifications I need to do. Thanks guys.
Good day,
First of all, thank you for helping us.
I have fitted an 1uz vvti 5spd autobox with spitronics prewired management system, now that im done it doesn’t shif gear while driving..any ideas of how to find the reason for this?
get rid of spitronics
use normal ecu