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hi zuffen.

i need help with my g/box wiring. on which pin do i connect the etc-pwr switch and on what pin does the o/d button go? ecu-3a240 1uz non-vvti a341e
as best i can tell there's no OD2 pin. there's a PWR-(28pin5) PWRL+(28pin6) and OD1(28pin7).

Sorry for the very slow reply.

I haven't worked with any Toyota auto trans so so can't help you.

Have you tried posting in the Forum proper?
1992 sc400 1 st owner put 50,000
i put 50,000 miles
changed oil every 2,000 miles
clean body no rust
just put in rotors
pads, calipers
belt, water pump
paint good, rear spoiler faided
driver seat shower wear
starts right up
bad stuffs a stumble on hare acc
changed almost every thing
under hook still stumbles
it drives me nuts i can't find it
the stumble
well taken care of