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My car idle roung on hills whether down or up but worst in an upward position what can be the possible reason for that or can cause it
Hey Ben, I saw your scimi project on your website. You mention trunnion replaced by jag ball joint. from what I can make out it looks like you used a complete jaguar lower wishbone and vertical to achieve this? Are you able to tell me whether this was taken from an XJS model? It's hard to make out but it looks like it might be? Any issues with camber/caster compared to original wishbone setup?
Are you guy I need to talk to rebuild engine harness
Sure. Have you seen my YouTube?
William x
Hi everybody
Just require some advice on the kind of Lexus V engine to mate on freelander1 1.8 East West engine compartment, kind of propshaft to use and mountings?
I wanted to buy 4.3l 3uz lexus v8 engine with gearbox.

Also what about fuel pump as the freelander1 has in-tank petrol pump?