MA61 with 1GZ-Fe swap

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.


Victoria Australia
Well, somebody, sooner or later was going to do this.
MA61 + 1GZ-Fe (-Fugly engine?)
T56 + short shift (new from GM Holden)
GM 6.0ltr clutch 11 3/4" & fly & p plate
G series 3.73:1 axle

Local DOT will not allow FI, based on the original cars weight, 2750lbs
I can have 3750cc FI and up to 5700cc NA
I'm a fan of NA anyway. (maybe I can hide a little NOS = illegal)

For those familiar with MA61 this pic will mean something, such as wishbones/A arms. More pics later.

ok so where is the 1gz, and ill start the most common question everyone else is gunna bug you till the end of earth about. Where did you get it and can i get one too???

And it looks like your swapping a mk3 rear subframe in. all that welding, then why are the braces just bolted in?
There will be engine pics on the weekend.

Yahoo Auctions Japan via an "import broker" in Melbourne, I told him the item # & my max bid, subsequently I won, he organized shipping.

Wait another month and I'll have something in my garage you WILL NOT believe.

so im wondering, are you planning on putting the motor in stock or are you gunna do any intake manifold work? personally i would do somthing similar to what top secret did and remove the double(quad plenum) in favor of somthing similar to aftermarket supra plenums.
The top level of manifolds have to go, this is a way tall engine.
(compliments to the 60deg V)
I had planned to keep the 12 runners similar to Top secret or the BMW.

If that was too tall the next plan was to make a plenum in the valley as I want the stock hood.

I see today that the runners bolt on to a valley manifold that is way higher than I expected, so a valley plenum may not work out, hmmm?.

On the plus side, the Ex flanges from side to side are about 5" closer together than a UZ, compliments of the 60deg V, this I hope gives me room for pairing 1-6, 2-5, 3-4 headers for 180deg primaries.

Looking forward to a test fit in the bay, that will reveal a lot, if it doesn't, fit do you think anybody will buy it?.................the MA61 I mean, LOL.

BTW what's happened to the V12 GT40? I'm gunna be lonely here in the V12 thread, they are truly my favorite car. I had contemplated the time and money to build a replica Ford GT retro, but alas, here the DOT engineering tests required to fabricate your own, alone cost over $15k+
Engine pics

Swapped flexplate for a UZ one that bolted up to the crank ok, they appear identical but the block bolt pattern is different


Stock exhaust is not bad, the oil filter is nearly as big as the alternator

Sweet motor Crambo, and congratulations on the find. You'll probably have your hands full stuffing it into the MA61 chassis, but just in case you're up for a bit more of a challenge, a set of cross ram ITB's would be waaaayyy cool on that!
Thanks cribbj, glad to see you're clear of the storm and don't think the ITB's haven't crossed my mind.

Out of all this the biggest challenge will be to make it all road legal. Without knowing I'd say we have the toughest requirements to comply with on the planet.
A change to the induction or pollution control and you could be up for expensive tests that you'll never pass.

At this point I plan to cut off the intermediate plenums from the 6 runners and weld on new wedge shape plenums with a throttle body for each side.
(I think Top Secret stole my idea)
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I have to say, i haven't been here in a long time, but i am not surprised to find this thread, haha.

There is no race between us... 2 totally different builds. Crambo's is as close to stock as possible in an a61 while mine is far from stock in an a80....

Bah... the dry sump is taking time to do, but we finally got some good progress....

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