1GZ Porsche swap

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.
Looks like a great project; out of curiousity, why the 1GZ instead of perhaps a beemer V12 to keep it all German?
Because Toyota builds a better motor and it is only 1.5" longer than the LS1 I swapped into my 928.


1GZ is far superior engine in terms of quality and design than the dated 80s spec M70 BMW V12.

Horrible boat anchor engines as far as I'm concerned!
Agree on the beemer V12. The only possible way to use them is rebuild and run on standalone ECU. '90-ish BMW V12 uses about 4 or 5 ECUs to run
sweet! I've been wondering how it's going with this project.
I have a friend in florida that might be doing a gz swap into his supra sometime soon.
Looks like Dinsdale is making great headway with the MS pro. I keep hounding him to make sure he writes everything down. He is truly a walking schematic on everything he builds. If anyone could pull this off it was him, that's why I am building parts for this and future projects. I am still on the fence what platform I want to go with. Dins is saying old school Celica 1GZ. But I want the Uniqueness and reliability of the Vette torque tube and transaxle as well. So i may drop the combo into an SC3/400.
Sorry, I admit I'm too lazy to read through all the MS specs. Can an MS3 Pro now do a 12 cylinder engine with fully sequential firing on 12 injectors and and 12 coils?

I was thinking with some auxiliary boards here & there, and using a few undocumented features & code, it could do the sequential injection, but still only waste spark on the ignition?

I'm looking for a "one time use" ECU for an engine dyno session down the road.
with ms3x you have your original 4 injector channels plus 8 additional injector channels for a total of 12 injector channels. As for the additional 4 coil drivers I do not know exactly how you'd do it. I guess you could do wasted spark, but I'm pretty sure there's a way. I just don't know how at this point hahah.
OK, I read the main webpage for it at DIY AutoTune.

It'll do 12 injectors in full sequential, but only waste spark for 12 coils.

Still has a lot of capability for a single box ECU.
Sorry, who is Dinsdale and how would I contact this MS wizard? I have lost any interest I once had in learning how to setup & tune ECU's