5 speed swap how to delete automatic codes 1uz

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So the saga continues...
the 1uz swap has been a wonderful learning curve for me . ive learned so much about wiring through this build. So far i have got all the Ecu codes engine side off of my vehicle thru using the factory diagrams alldata, mitchell, and many helpful comments through this great website, but i have yet to find the answer for the automatic transmission codes . I am running a w58 swap and have a speedo cable not a speed sensor . my electronics are all from a 1995 ls400. what im trying to find out is how do i trick my solenoids into thinking they are functioning . i can clear the codes , and it never flags a light untill next drive cycle .

any help would be much appreciated

Shift Solenoid A/B (No.1 and No.2)
Resistance At 20°C (68°F) .................... 10 - 16 Ohms

Shift Solenoid E (SLU)
Resistance At 20°C (68°F) .................... 7.5 - 8.5 Ohms

Linear Solenoid for Accumulator Pressure Control (SLN)
Resistance At 20°C (68°F) .................... 7.5 - 8.5 Ohms


So i bought some resistors from the local electronics store. It costed me a whopping $2.05.
The shift solenoids a and b have the same ohm resistance value of 11 to 16 so i got a 13 ohm resistor .
The a and b are triggerd by b+ voltage amd the valve body grounds the circuit. So i hooked my test leads to one side of the resistor and grounded it , and put the other side in the pin of the connector to the ecu and BOOM ! NO a b solenoid codes.

The lock up solenoid was even easier because the ecu controls the b+ voltage and the low reference circuit . The resistance was 7.5 to 8.5 Ohm . So i stuck one side of the resistor in one pin for b+ and other side for ground , and BAM! NO MORE CODES!!!!
So i checked it out this morning and solenoids a and b are the affected circuits by the resistors . I grounded one side of the lead with my test leads and the other side was in the pins of the connectors and as soon as i started it up it would smoke.

Solenoid e lockup is fine tho . Also there is no check engine light so i guess ill leave the a and b alone .