Thanks, Random EMS!

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.


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While getting together needed components for my build, I was looking for a good high-performance ECU. I eventually set my heart on a Wolf V500. After sending out inquiries to the 5 listed distributors for North America, I only got a reply back from 3, one told me to look else where.

Bob of Random Engine Management Systems in Sammamish, Washington gave me a price quote, but also told me of a used V500 he had on the shelf. I don't want to say how much I got it for, but it was definitely a bargain over the price of a new comparable ECU. Bob seemed to be on a busy schedule, but always returned my emails. He even emailed me pictures of the ECU before I bought it. After a few weeks, my new Wolf V500 had arrived! Some minor exterior wear, but very good condition!

Thanks, Bob! I'd also like to thank Charlie of Action Mobile Marine, Inc in Port St Lucie, FL for replying to my email.


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