1. K

    Desperate wiring help needed! (1UZFE into Hilux Surf Gen 2)

    Hi guys. So I'm coming towards the end of my build which is a '95 LS400 1uzfe engine and box into a '94 Gen 2 Hilux Surf KZN130. I've looked at so much information out there, including buying wiring diagrams from Kelvin @ Cartune, but I'm still a bit bamboozled with some of the wiring. Could...
  2. 77highlux

    CODE #24 ONLY - ECU or MAF Circuit Issue?

    Hey guys, here's the details below. This one has stumped many shops and I'm finally honing in. I would like to avoid building and installing a stand-alone harness for both the TPS and MAF circuits and feel that this testing proves the circuit in the ECU itself is shot. All parameters are reading...
  3. B

    ECU Reccamendations? First gen LS400

    I'm looking to get some more power out of my first gen LS400 and people were saying to start with an aftermarket ECU. Some say the Link G4 is good, not sure exactly what im looking for. Any recommendations?
  4. K

    Looking for anyone who has a ADAPTRONIC E420C!

    Hello, im looking for a E420c ECU. I have a turbo jetski and the ecu got wet and is no longer good. Its an ADAPTRONIC E420C not the m1200 or E420d Only the older E420C works because of the weird crank cam sensor teath.
  5. F

    Knock sensor or not?

    I'm putting a 1UZ into my MX5 I am intending on using the Emerald K6 ecu I already have, but unlike the Megasquirt and other ECUs it doesn't support a knock sensor Would this be a deal-breaker for any of you? Or is it safe to assume that if it's properly mapped then the lack of a knock...
  6. M

    Difference ECUs 89661-50241 and 89661-50240

    When I first got my 1UZ it had ECU 50241. Since then I have screwed up 3 ECUs. Could not get hold of 50241 used 50240 in stead, to me seems the engine is running just fine with 50240. Although, I wonder if somebody knows the difference between the two.
  7. George_R

    Tom's ECU for UCF21 (1uz-fe vvti)

    So I eventually got one. $350 delivered. Don't ask me how. I just happen to live in a country which gives you unlimited possibilities [to get things really screwed up, in most cases], but today it seems like a win. ok, I got home with the box opened it sticker on the ecu shows part number...
  8. M

    Wtb: 95 sc400 ecu

    Just looking for a 95 SC400 1UZ ECU so I can keep my UZ swap going. I know there are more experienced people on here so if other year ECU's will work, let me know, thanks guys.
  9. S

    1UZ into mx73 connecting power to the ecu

    Im almost towards the end of my swap and im stuck.. Im running the 1uzfe ecu with the motor. I only have the harness that connects to the actual ecu meaning the same one thats running to the injectors and several sensors. My question is how to get power to the ecu so the starter...
  10. K

    What is the best standalone for single turbo 1UZ?

    Best bang for the buck? I understand Motec M880 / M800 is one of the best, but the price is pretty steep. So what's a cheaper standalone that can manage the 1UZ well and offer traction? Thanks!
  11. D

    Stock ECU For Spark and Transmission Management Only

    Hello Lextremists, I have a 1992 SC400. I would like for the stock ECU to continue to do the following functions. 1-Spark/Timing Management. 2-Stock Transmission Control. Do you think the ECU will still run spark if the only sensors connected are the -Crank speed, and Cam Position...
  12. R

    GS430 3UZ-FE Supercharger + Manifold kit

    Hello to all Who may be, tell me where you can buy a Supercharger kit with Manifold for 3UZ-FE under the Eaton M112. Just need a Strocker Kit: Rotating Assembly, Forged Pistons / H Beam Rods Combo. I only found locked topics, but they did not give any benefit. thank you:)
  13. M

    Help me out!

    soo....I got a job delivering pizza (right when gas goes up...) :mad:...and I get the CEL on. Well its cylinder #3....figured it was a easy fix...hahahahaha In the end its the head gasket...(geting coolent on the spark plug) but here are the questions, if you guys would help a 18 year old out...
  14. B

    bypass (get rid of) 1uz igniters?? help!

    hey, Im working on a 1uz swap and Im trying to make the engine work without any ECU or digital programming. I have run into a problem with the igniters that send power to the ignition coil assemblies(at least im pretty sure thats what they do.) the igniters are fired in time by a...
  15. S

    Thanks, Random EMS!

    While getting together needed components for my build, I was looking for a good high-performance ECU. I eventually set my heart on a Wolf V500. After sending out inquiries to the 5 listed distributors for North America, I only got a reply back from 3, one told me to look else where. Bob of...
  16. C

    1UZFE VVTi engine/trans harness/loom factory ECU, 5speed Auto MAF etc

    1UZFE VVTi engine/trans harness/loom factory ECU, 5 speed Auto MAF etc Basically I can supply complete front cut without the engine (or I guess I could sell with it and I will get another one?) including all the body looms and anything else you might want or need as I have kept it all. I have...
  17. andrewzuku

    V8 ECU - 40p 40p 40p - 89661-24220

    I have an UZZ3x Soarer Engine Control/Transmission ECU for sale. Price: $160 Location: Gold Coast, Qld Australia Works perfectly :) Fits '91 to '94/01 V8s Part Number 89661-24220