Tom's ECU for UCF21 (1uz-fe vvti)

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.


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So I eventually got one. $350 delivered. Don't ask me how. I just happen to live in a country which gives you unlimited possibilities [to get things really screwed up, in most cases], but today it seems like a win.

ok, I got home with the box

opened it

sticker on the ecu shows part number for order at Tom's

Connected it on table and, no big surprise, it has the immobilizer. And what's worse, the immobilizer chip is hidden under the add-on board. Which is mounted on 4 bolts and some sticky stuff. Only razor sharp Katana can undo it. ok, a decent box cutter works just as well. Undoing the add-on board and seeing the modified main board


add-on board, top:

add-on board, bottom

desoldering the immo system's memory chip

its content is just what one expects for any 1uz-fe vvti

uploading the proper dump and assembling everything together with my immo bypass device (shown on the picture is a special version which additionally includes sub o2 sensor emulation, St1- signal generation from STP signal (for cruise control) and 2nd fuel pump relay bypass)


Road test. It starts the engine, operates the transmission and that's enough for today as it's rainy and dark as hell now. Things I immediately noticed are
-my idle up device still works
-hydro fan works as expected
-the car is overall more responsive.
-the transmission did NOT become jerky
-in normal mode ( ECT switch position) the trans operates just normally, you still have to depress the pedal way more to get any downshift
-power increased both in low rpm and mid rpm range. Had no place to test high rpm
-speed limit cut:unknown (didn't test)
-rpm limit: have no idea (no tachometer in cabin)
-cruise control speed limit: didn't test
-power/snow modes: untested