Mustang Cobra Owned

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San Diego, CA
So about two weeks ago, my friends and I (One has a blacked out 05 Mustang GT, intake, tuner, headers, UD Pullies - and the other has an 06 G35, intake, plenum spacer, GReddy Exhaust) We were rolling one behind the other, I was third....It was early morning, no traffic. We were heading back home and I see set of headlights gaining fast on us in my rear view mirror, it turns out to be a blacked out Mustang Cobra, like my buddies Mustang, except it's a Cobra. Well, this guy I guess wants to race my buddy, so he revs hard and hammers on it. My friend guns it to and well, lost. The G35 just lays off and falls back. Mustang slows down and also falls back. The Cobra slows to about 60-65. I pull up next to him and slowly accelerate. He doeen't like that. He pulls up next to me and revs a lil. I look over and gun it a bit. All of the sudden, I hear him downshift and start to pull. I let him go about a car length and I go WOT! Needless to say I went from 65 to about 130mph ....I had about a 3 car lengths on him when I led off. :spank: By this time my friends were wayyy behind. The Cobra tried to do a fly by but to no avail....He had nothing on me.:) He gives me a thumbs up and drives off. Needless to say, I love my truck!!