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First Generation LS400 IS AVAILABLE NOW!

"The Fish"

Here is the latest update videos of the 

Supercharged Lexus LS400 Video # 1
Supercharged Lexus LS400 Video # 2
Supercharged Lexus LS400 Video # 3
Supercharged Lexus LS400 Video # 4
Supercharged Lexus LS400 Video # 5

The code name for these first generation 1UZFE supercharged systems is known as "The Fish" and here is My Supercharger Story.  With proper help from Stefan, he created a dyno chart using Desktop2003 Supercharged 1UZFE Simulated Dyno Chart

This system utilized the advanced technology of  Vortech Engineering supercharger.  The V2 SQ S-Trim with curve blade is both powerful and very quiet.  This system will be powered by a lextremely quiet blower running at 7 psi.  The installation process will not take more than eight hours with proper tools.  This system is especially made for the Lexus LS400 from 1990 to 1994 and SC400 from 1992-1996 (Available soon!).  Supercharged SC400(Soarer) and Supercharged LS400(Celsior) is much easier than turbo on the Soarer or the SC400 and Celsior or the LS400 due to the space limitation and the V8 configuration.  Even the supercharger kit for the SC400 and the LS400 will be different.  However, there will be similarity.  This is the first centrifugal (none root style or twin screw style) supercharged kit available for the Lexus V8.  Supercharged Lexus - Toyota V8 1UZFE is much easier than turboing it.  However, some hardcore Lexus owners might be interested in the near future for all out performance.  Supercharged Lexus V8 also have many advantages.  For example, power steering and A/C will be saved.  This is not the case in turbo Lexus V8. 

The estimated horsepower will be around 275-295 rwhp on good engines..  Once again, the dyno numbers are based on my personal experience with forced induction 1UZFE V8 engine.  Actual dyno results might be different.  This system is simple and the installation is easy.  However, some mechanical knowledge will be required.  If you do not want to install it your self, you should take it to a local performance shop to do all the installation.  Due to the complexity of intercooling, it will take about 8 hours.  My goal for this kit is affordability and simplicity.   Stage I kit will receive the following parts:

* Vortech V2 SQ S-Trim head unit and 7 psi pulley - Optional V1 T-Trim (825 hp)

* Huge Custom Intercooler - 6" x 3.5" x 36" with 3" in/outlet.  - 8" x 3.5" x 36" Optional but the IC will be 2" lower than the front bumper.

* Cartech billet adjustable Fuel Management Unit (FMU)

* Custom CNC aluminum bracket for the 1st generation LS400 (soon SC400) and spacers/washers

* High quality turbo hoses

* Custom stainless steel braided oil & return lines and fittings

* Heavy duty worm turbo clamps

* Custom engine Studs and bolts

* Custom charged pipe with Bypass Valve flanges

* Mass flow Meter or MAF adaptor

* Vortech Maxflow Adjustable Bypass Valve (BV)

* Greddy Type S or R blow of valve ( BOV) OPTIONAL - Additional $300 due to additional flanges and fabrications.

* Longer high strength, high temperature 6 rib cog belt.

* Idler pulley with custom spacer

* Supercharger pulley with Retainer Kit

* Battery Relocation Kit

* All pipes will be flare for stronger hold

* Powder Coat all intake pipes

* Complete Vortech factory warrantee on the head unit, please read Vortech Engineering  for details

Options & Upgrades: Please email for purchase details.
* Vortech V1 T-Trim rated at 825 hp (additional $500)
* Greddy Type S or R Blow Off Valve BOV ($300)
* 8" x 3.5" x 36" high flow intercooler (FREE)

The kit is at an affordable introductory price $5000 USD tax and shipping will be extra.  Price will be change without notice, so order yours now.  We will make our stage I intercooled and upgrades as need it for higher boost. 

More pictures will follow as the kit approaching to its completion.  Since the demand for the Lexus LS400 Supercharger Kit will be a low demand commodity, I will produce as order.  I will not pre-produce it.  Therefore, it will take 4-6 weeks for the whole process after your full payment is received.

Stage II will be available soon with intercooler, larger injectors and 10 psi on good engine  Dyno numbers and full details will follow.  The 10 psi intercooled kits will require slightly larger injectors.  The stock fuel should able to supply enough fuel for the 10 psi.  The larger injectors will be compensated by the OEM ECU.  Stock injector is 251 cc. will be upgraded to 295 cc/min.  The ECU can compensate up to 50% reduction.  Coming very soon will be Lexus SC400 Supercharger Kit.  Here are the break down of our SC400 & LS400 Forced Induction products. 

* 1990-1994 LS400 Supercharger Kit Stage I (7 psi - Intercooled) (available now)

* 1992-1996 SC400 Supercharged Kit Stage I (7 psi - Intercooled) (estimated time of availability 6/04)

Note: If you are interested in getting these affordable kits, please make sure your engine is in good condition.  I highly recommend that you take your car to a local mechanic shop and performance a compression or leak down test on your engine.  If you have compression problems, please fix your engine first.  Secondly, its not recommended for aging engines.

The reason I choose Vortech V2 SQ S-Trim is because its quiet and its compact size.  The Procharger ATI P1SC would be a easier choice for installation because its self contained.  However, this unit is slightly louder and many users have reported problems with oil seals.  The V2 is a perfect choice for the 1UZFE, it has lots of potential than root style supercharger.  If you ever upgrade you stock engine, this V2 will stay.  You do not have to buy another head unit.  Vortech is widely admired in the Mustang communities.  With 7 psi, this blower is just starting to work.  Lots of room for more power.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or you can ask supercharging questions in our Lexus V8 Performance Forum under forced induction.

Intercooling: Intercooling would necessary for high boost.  However, at low boost like 7 psi, intercooling will not justify the cost.  Since the Vortech blower/superchargers are so efficient, intercooling is not require for low boost.  If you have excess money, we also have intercoolers for your needs.  As for stage I, we would like to make it affordable for the beginning level of performance.  Due to the space given, the first generation 1990-1994 Lexus LS400 will received a smaller intercooler.  It will be 6" x 3.5" x 36" or the optional 8" x 3.5" x 36".  However, the SC400 will get a much larger intercooler because of the space availability.  Larger intercooling also means the cost will goes up.  This is the biggest advantage of having centrifugal supercharger instead of root style or twin screw.  The twin screw and root style is very difficult and very expensive to intercooled. One of the options you can add to your supercharging system is the methanol injection to your forced induction.  You can read more about Methanol Injection system for the Lexus SC400 and LS400.  According Corky Bell's book SUPERCHARGED !, he stated that chamber temperature of a 8 none intercooled psi has the same chamber temperature as 40 psi intercooled system.  Another word, 8 psi from a none intercooled has the same chamber temperature as a 40 psi intercooled system.  The key for increase performance is intercooling.  Colder air makes more hp and safer for the engine.  Here is an Intercooler and Non-Intercooler Comparison between Root Style and Centrifugal Supercharger

Here is more Vortech V2 SQ S-Trim info:  Courtesy of

From 1.2L engines to large displacement, high horsepower racing engines, Vortech has a supercharger for you. Vortech superchargers systems are developed to achieve maximum performance, efficiency, and durability. Impellers are investment cast from a lightweight proprietary aluminum alloy, heat treated, CNC machined to exact tolerances, and high speed balanced to ensure smooth operation. Gearcases and volutes are cast from premium A356 aluminum alloy, heat treated, and CNC machined to ensure production consistency. Most models feature our exclusive "D" port volute for improved efficiency. Drive gears are manufactured from premium billet alloy steel, heat treated, precision ground on automated CNC machines to aircraft tolerances, and engineered to operate at speeds exceeding 70,000 RPM. Bearings are made in America to our precision tolerances. An O-ring compressor housing seal and an innovative impeller seal improve sealing, reduce friction, and allow upstream throttle or draw through use. High pressure engine oil is used for cooling, lubrication, and very low maintenance.

For optimum flexibility, most Vortech superchargers are upgradeable and available with a straight or curved discharge, clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, satin or polished finish, and standard or heavy duty configuration for use with cog belt drive systems.

Please compare the ATI P1SC,Vortech V2 SQ S-Trim & Paxton Novi 2000.  Why did I chose Vortech V2 SQ S-Trim?  Here is a table comparing of different type of Supercharger Types Comparison.  For 99% of Lexus owners, 450-600 rwhp would be plenty of horsepower to play with.  More than that is just a waste of money and energy to run the system.  Before I chose Vortech V2 SQ S-Trim, I also have considered ATI P1SC and Paxton Novi 2000.  Here are my reason for the Lexus LS/SC400 street application:

Reasons why I chose Vortech V2 SQ S-Trim
1. Vortech is Super quiet, which is great for your luxury car.
2. Compact Size for fitmanship
3. Fresh oil every 3,000 miles
4. Lower drive power lost.
5. Many positive feedback Mustang racers

Reasons Why I did not chose ATI P1SC:
1. Higher Noise Level
2. Possible fitmanship problems
3. Common oil seal leak
4. Higher drive power lost
5. Lots of negative feedback from users.

Reasons why I did not chose Paxton Novi 2000
1. Possible fitmanship problems
2. Higher Noise Level
3. Higher drive power lost
4. Higher cost $2100-$2400 per unit

If you feel 680 bhp provided by the SQ is not enough for you, then you can upgrade to the V1 T-Trim bumping you up to 825 bhp.  Even with 680 bhp, it would just too much for the stock engine to handle.  However, the V1 T-Trim would have higher noise level.

Below is a supercharger map for V2 SQ S-Trim:

Supercharger Option:  Since the supercharger bracket will fit Vortech V1 and V2.  Price will be determine, but upgrade is possible since the bolt pattern and external physical size is the same among the V1 and V2 family of superchargers.  The default will be V2 SQ S-Trim.  Why? because of the noise level.

The industry standard supercharger


VORTECH V-2 SQ (Super Quiet) SUPERCHARGER - This will be use in our kits.  Upgrade to T-Trim available, but its greater noise level and high drive power.
The new generation supercharger included in most Vortech street supercharging systems

The supercharger of choice for street/strip vehicles with modified engines

Here are some supercharger maps:


                Here is the S-Trim Supercharger in both V1 and V2                                 This is a V1 T-Trim Supercharger head unit and S-Trim

As you can see, supercharger head units are expensive.  Therefore, most forced induction kits price are well justified.  If you are interested in this system.  Please submit your personal information.  Its much easier for me to make 20 kits at once than making one at a time.  The kit will be sold at $5,000 each.  Group purchase also welcome with a discount of $4,750 with a minimum of 10 kits.  The price does not include tax and shipping. 

If you would like to reach me via AIM or MSN Messenger so we can chat about how we can help your fast go needs.
AIM: AOL Instant MessengerLextremely or click on the icon below.            MSN & Email:


Our mailing address is:
Lextreme Dynamics
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P.S.: For this system to work properly, the window washer bottom will be remove/delete.  If you can not live without the windshield washing function, then this kit might not for you.  If you are interested, please submit above information.  I would like to do it all at once.

Here are some difficult tasks during installation:
1. Relocation Battery to the trunk (2 hours of labor)
2. Removal of the Fan Clutch Bracket to install longer studs (1 hour)
3. Removal of the Front Bumper Cover (30 minutes)
4. Cutting of the Firewall Passenger side (10 minutes)
5. Removing the windshield washer (10 minutes)
6. Tapping a 3/8" NPT into the oil pickup (30 minutes) with proper tools

The above are the hardest to do, other than that, it will be pretty much bolt-on.  I would say with proper tools and skills, it should take about 7-8 hours for the whole installation.

If you are interested in partial kit, please contact me.  We can work something out and you will save some money.  Anything is possible!


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