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Please note: we're not an auto parts supplier and I can't respond to inquries for random Lexus and Toyota auto parts. All parts not listed above, including the LS400 and SC400 turbo kit, rebuild kits and supercharger are sold out and won't return. The Lextreme performance torque converter is available but there is a waiting list. Email me if interested.

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We are trying to archive all the Lexus-Toyota V8 Forced Induction Owners in here.  If you have or know anyone with a V8 FI, please fill out the below form so we can help others with their projects.

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Name Year Model Engine FI Type Boost RWHP Torque 1/4 Mile ET Modifications
Neil Griffiths 1991 UZZ31  Soarer 1UZFE SC-M90 6psi 178Kw N/A N/A Large Extractors (Headers), GeWalt Wheels, Usual Bits & Pieces [email protected]
Glory Mandzach 2003 Tundra 4×4 Access cab 2UZFE TRD supercharger 9+ N/A N/A N/A TRD Off-Road package,TRD Boost gauge and pod-Autometer Trans. temp. gauge , LSD , Hellwig swaybar , SS autochromes w/Jet-Hot 2000 coating , Wheelers coils & limit straps , ASP 5.9″ CP ,2720mm “Gates” ,23221-46110 Fuel pump,Revo A/T’s….
IPT Valvebody calibration IPT Transmissions
[email protected]
David Phan 1990 LS400 1UZFE Single Turbo-GT40 W/ Precision .81 Housing 14.1 psi, & 17.5 psi 370 whp at 14.1 399.1psi, & 17.5 psi 373 wtq at 1 bar402 wtq at 17.5 psi N/A Custom 8.5:1 Forged Pistons, Forged rods, Performance bearings, MLS Gaskets, Supra Valve train ARP studs all round, 255 Fuel Pumps, 550 cc Injectors, Split Sec ECU.  More details on Mods[email protected]  Dyno Sheet
Scott Davis 2001 Tundra 4×4 Limited 2UZFE TRD supercharger   9 PSI N/A N/A 14.7 Unichip, Supra Twin Turbo Fuel Pump, TRD Supercharger, TRD Boost gauge, Overdrive Crank Pulley for 9+psi, Hellwig Rear Antisway bar, Level 10 Valve Body Performance Shift Kit, NWOR Front Leveling Coils, BBS 18×9 Wheels and 275 55 R18 Michelin Tires, SSAutochrome headers and “Y” pipe, Flowmaster 50 series 3 Chamber Dual Exhaust, Limo Tint, TRD LSD, Sylvania SilverStar headlights and Fog lights, Amzoil Diff Oil, Amzoil 20W50 Race Blend Oil for 4.7L V8, Carbon-Kevlar brake pads… for now![email protected]
Ralph Gerdes 2000 Tundra 2wd E-Cab 2UZFE TRD supercharger 6-7 psi N/A N/A 14.57 S&S long tube headers and Y-pipe, TRD 3.91 posi, TRD single exhaust,
Mobil One Lubricants [email protected]
Piers Dowding 1991 UZZ31 1UZFE Twin screw supercharger N/A N/A N/A N/A stroked 5 litre. Intercooler, special headers, one-off twin exhaust, replacement independent 4-wheel hydro jump suspension. F245s + R275s. One-off convertible. Awaiting delivery Dec 2004, further details unavailable as yet.
[email protected]
Robert Hayden 1992 UZZ32 Soarer 1UZFE C’s M90 compressor 7.5lb N/A N/A N/A JUN 3″ titanium exhaust system.
Active Hydraulic Suspension.
WORK Rexaz Roar Magnesium Titanium Wheels.
18 x 9 front with 265/35/18
18 x 10 rear with 275/35/18[email protected]
Mark Brown 1994 UZZ31 1UZFE Terracharger M90 6 psi 200rwkw 800nm N/A rush headers, X pipe, 2.5″ pipe.
UNICHIP, nology hotwire leads, iridium plugs, TT brake upgrade with DBA slotted discs. car fully optioned. TV mod. DVD-3 screens.[email protected]
Brett Hoy 1967 Cobra Replica 1UZFE M90 8 psi N/A N/A N/A

Basically the motor is standard with the exception of the blower which give it a much needed boost down low, Bosch motorsport 550hp fuel pumpRising rate fuel regulator,Bored oversize T/B9th and 10th injectorsSoon to have water/methanol injectionUndersize 3 inch blower pulleyApprox 8 psi boostBest part is the whole car only weights 980 kilo’s (2100pounds} [email protected]

Stuart Lam 1992 uzz31 Soarer 1uzfe Terracharger 6 psi N/A N/A N/A N/A [email protected]
Glen Caulkins 2003 Tundra 2UZFE TRD M90 9 psi 360.2 N/A N/A Unichip | Supra Twin Turbo Fuel Pump | ASP Overdrive Crank Pulley (9+psi) | IPT Valvebody Calibration | MagnaFlow Muffler (tuned single exhaust) | Denso Iridium IK22 Spark Plugs | Toyo Proxies S/T 275/70/16 (stock rims) | TRD HP-Z Carbon Semi-Metallic Front Disc Brake Pads [email protected]
Jan Christiansson 1991 Soarer 1UZFE SC M90 6 psi 202.2kw 500 N/A Headers, BFI, TT-diff, 2.5″ exhaust with HKS muffler and shift kit [email protected]
Chris Howard 1987 Commodore VL 1UZFE Twin Garrett T04E T66 Comp 11 psi 340rwkw Twin Garrett T04 T66 comp (11psi)
Single 45mm ext wastegate
Machined pistons/chamber 8.2:1
Custom Plenum
2x XF throttle body
Custom exhaust manifolds
twin 3 inch exhaust
custom 6.5 ltr alum sump
EMS Computer, 8 coil, 1000cc inj.
Turbo 400 trans,
[email protected]
Tom Rossa 1991 Cressida 1UZFE Twin Turbo T04E 12psi 530 780 10 injectors-custom turbo setup-wolf3d-new and expanded fuel lines-600hp fuel pump-custom exhaust manifolds- twin 3″ exhaust system- custom intercool (big)-7l sump-shifter- custom chassis- 9inch diff-close gears- bored 20 thou- custom forged pistons- revised forged crank-extensive head work (don’t believe in that whole 2valve pushrod forced induction formula- 4 valves are always better) looking into that complexity of cams and timings…lots of money spent- full custom roll cage looks like under construction- too much to list
Dale Lambson 2003 Tundra 2UZFE TRD Supercharger N/A N/A N/A N/A TRD Supercharger, JBA Titaium Headers, Flowmaster Delta Series 50 Dual- Exhaust, Hellwig Sway Bar, Wheeler Performance 4X4 Coils, Centric Cross Drilled/Sloted Rotors
Porterfield R4S Carbon/Kevlar Pads, Line-X Bedliner[email protected]
Kris Allan 1969 Ht Holden Ute 1UZFE Single Turbo 6 psi N/A N/A N/A Standard motor injectors and ecu, Intercooled (600 * 300 * 76), 1:1 adjustable fuel press reg, Using origional log stlyle headers into one single xs power super t70 turbo, 3″ mandrell exhaust.
3.7 ratio locked BTR 78 Diff, Converting to wolf 3d v4 ecu soon and manuall shifting auto. Being put on dyno in next month. [email protected]
Decio Hinokuma 1992 SC400 1UZFE M90 supercharger 7 PSI 247 rwhp N/A N/A non intercooler Headers, 2.5″ stainless pipe
TEIN supension, Oil cooler, 19×8.5 Front
19×9.5 Rear, Slote rotors, Denso Iridium spark plug, working on custom air/water intercooler and water/alcohol injection. [email protected]
Wayne Ryther 2003 Tundra 2UZFE TRD SC, STS Turbo & NOS 20-30 PSI N/A N/A N/A 2uzfe block, 1uzfe main caps, stock forged crank, eagle forged rods, Ross custom forged pistons/rings, TT Supra valve springs, ASP pulley, 24x9x3 inch intercooler, methanol injection, IPT modified valve body, 4:56 gears, TRD posi, NOS nitrous controller, Supra TT fuel pump, voltage step-up/boost referenced fuel regulator, AFR, Boost, EGT and fuel pressure gauges.[email protected]
Rob Welsh 2001 Tundra 2UZFE Powerdyne SC 5-6 psi 284 rwhp, 336 tq N/A N/A lowered 2.5″ and 4″ custom trailing arm -panhard rod -air bag rear suspension.  13″ front rotors and Stop-tech calipers and 12″ rear disc conversion.  18 x 8 BBS wheels and toyo proxes tires 285-50 -18. [email protected]
Ismo Korhonen 1991 LS400 1UZFE Rotrex C38 Supercharger 11.6PSI 343.1 whp at 9.5 psi N/A N/A Still original exhaust, Rotrex C38 Supercharger, 550cc RC injectors, intercooler, Bosch ignition, Autronic SM2 engine control, PCS transmission control, Xenon body kit, Supra TT Brakes, Walbro 255 Fuel pump, Automotive Fuel pressure regulator, Dyno sheet in My Rides [email protected]
Ernie Constant 1991 Special Project 1UZFE Turbo 11.5 psi 462 rwhp N/A N/A he engine is in longtravel off road sand car. The car weights 1392 LBS. Fuel management and ignition is controled by an electromotive TECH II unit. I have Two full t40 Garrett turbos installed on custom made headers. Intercooler is out of a Ford F-350 superduty. Duel 38mm waste gates, G Ready blow off valve. 94mm throlte body from a ford mustang and a GM 3 bar map sensor. The car is increadably fast. Goal is to make 500 rwhp. [email protected]
Morris Smith 1998 GS400 1UZFE (VVTi) Turbo 12-17 psi 428 rwhp @ 12 psi, 500 @ 17 psi 443 rwhp 12 psi 13.2 Engine
Rebuilt motor, Forged Ross Low compression Pistons, 8.5:1 with .020 overbore,370 CC injectors, Walbro 255 Fuel Pump, FAL Low profile fans (1.5” thick), Greddy Catch can, Fluidyne Radiator, Powder coated valve, AEM fuel regulator -6 return line, Powder coated valve covers, timing covers and intake manifold,
Turbo setup
Turbonetics T04E/T62-1, Vortech BOV, Turbonetics Turbo Evolution waste gate 6psi spring, Apexi SAFC2, Greddy PROFEC B-SPEC 2 Boost controller, Spearco FMIC
Trans World race built transmission (good for up to 800rwhp), Hayden Transmission cooler, 2650 RPM Precision industries Dragon Torque converter with stator pump, TRD LSD Stock 3.23 gears
Tanabe Super Medallion Cat Back, 3” Custom exhaust splits off into two 2.25” pipes, No CATS, No Resonators
[email protected]
Justen Simpson 1991 Celica GT 1UZFE Twin Turbo 17 psi 536 whp Lots 11.7 (430 rwhp) Stock Engine with 7M Supra injectors. twin bosch pump. -10 fuel line and dual entry ful rail. Custom WI. 100x600x300mm FMIC. Tremec TKO600 box. twin button clutch. TRD 2.92:1 JZA70 diff. 2 x KKK K27/K26 hybrid turbos. 2 x 38mm external wastegates
Fred Burns 1991 SC400 1UZFE Supercharger M90 6 psi 255 rwhp Eaton M90 Supercharger with extractors and Unichip
Ryan Allen 1993 SC400 1UZFE Twin Turbo N/A N/A N/A N/A Engine
Built, Balanced and Blue-Printed 1UZFE, Ross Forged Pistons, 8.5:1 compression, CW Pence Custom ported intake, CW Pence Custom Ported Heads, ARP Studs, Pauter Connecting Rods, Graphite Racing Bearings, MVP Twin Zirgo Aluminum Shrouded Fans, Single Greddy Catch can, Koyo aluminum Radiator, Cool Flex Coper/Chrome flexible Water tubes, Aeromotive 1000 Fuel Pressure fuel regulator, Polished valve covers, Polished timing covers and intake manifold, Powder-coated Throttle Body, Carbon Fiber engine covers and stainless braided hoses and aluminum NA fittings everywhere.
Fuel Set up
Katzenstein Custom Billet Fuel Rails, 8 960 cc Delphi Injectors and clips, Dual In-Tank Walbro 255 pumps, Dual Summit Billet Fuel Filters, -6/-10 AN Stainless Braided hose.
Turbo setup
Dual Bullseye Power S256 Polished Stainless/Aluminum Turbos, TurboSmart 50 MM BOV, Integrated waste gates, Autronic SM4 Stand-alone ECU, Greddy PROFEC B-SPEC 2 Boost controller, Custom Garrett Core FMIC, Phoenix Tuning modified Plug-N-Play Loom and harness.
BoostLogic race built transmission, PCS (Power train Control Solutions) Stand-alone Transmission ECU, B&M Transmission cooler, 2800 RPM Precision Industries Dragon Torque converter with stator pump, TRD LSD Stock 3.23 gears, Lexus 2000 Gated Shifter Conversion, E-Shift.
Mike Young Stainless Steel Custom front feed turbo manifolds with 3” Stainless Custom Front-Mount Y-pipe and integrated Stainless Flex tube converging into 3″ Stainless Custom Downpipe, splits off into two Stainless 3” pipes, 2 Greddy Stainless mufflers.
DEFI Link 52mm Boost, EGT, Oil Pressure and Fuel Pressure gauges, Innovate 52mm AFR with LAMBDA and O2 Sensor, Custom Built On-Dash Gauge Pod.
TEIN Flex Coilovers, TEIN EDFC, Supra TT Sways, Diazen Canber Adjustment Bushings, Vlamos Control Arm Bushings, 20″ i-forged Classic Split 5 Spoke 2-Piece Aluminum wheels, atop Falken Tires.
Custom Wilwood SuperLite 4-Wheel Big Brake kit.
Clifford AvantGuard G5 Intelliguard 750 Alarm System with Clifford G5 Remote Start, Custom stereo consisting of 2 Alpine V12 Amps, JL Sub, MB Quart Component 3-Way and 2-Way speakers, Pioneer AVIC Z2 GPS/NAV/DVD Stereo.
1st Class Designers Custom mounted and fabricated AVIC Z2 Mounting Plate, 1st Class Designers Custom fabricated and mounted 6″ MB Quart woofers in stock Lexus Map Pocket, 1st Class Designers Custom mounted and Fabricated DEFI Gauge Pod, 1st Class Designers custom mounted Perforated Suede Headliner/Slider/Rear Deck/visors.
Custom Audi TT HID Retro-Fit for Low Beams, Custom fabricated lights.
Custom Paint and Body work by Gonzales Customs. Custom Urethane Molded Big Win Front Lip, Custom Mounted Aston Martin Powder Coated Hood Vents, 1st Class Designers Custom Underside Hood Pad.
Note: Some parts listed above are in the process of being installed. [email protected]
Mike Passarella 2003 SC430 3UZFE Procharger 5.23 psi 366.1 342 procharger supercharger,ss headers,hi flo cats, blitz cat back, brembo brakes, 245-35-20 front, 285-30-20 foose wheels, see car on procharger web site. [email protected]
Bill Stacy 1989 Cressida 1UZFE M90 11.5 psi 308 880nm Fully rebuilt, Ross 8.3:1 forged Pistons, mildly ported heads, heavy duty valve springs, extractors, Rising rate regulator, water injection (suits methanol too), stock cams.
Thomas Pinai 1998 GS400 1UZFE VVTi RMM Supercharger 8 psi 394 rwhp 337 rwtq RMM supercharger, custom pulley setup, JPI Headers, FPR, modified intake manifold, walbro 255lph intank pump, custom fuel return system, Mode Parfume cat back exhaust, JPI Torque converter
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