Infiniti Q45 Vs. Lexus LS400







DOHC 32-Valve V8 with aluminum-alloy block and heads with molybdenum coated pistons DOHC 32-Valve V8 with aluminum-alloy block and heads.


4.5 Liters 4.0 Liters


278 @ 6000rpm 250 @ 5600rpm (SC400)


292 @ 4000rpm. 260 @ 4400rpm (SC400)
Bore x Stroke


93 x 82.7mm 87.5 x 82.5mm
Main Bearing and Support


6 bolt main bearings (bigger) with cradle support. 4 studs, 2 bolt mains. (Total Six stud/bolt main)


90 degree forged steel. Forged.
Connecting Rods


Steel. (Bigger cross section and diameters) Cast.
Compression Ratio



10.2:1. LS and SC400 – 10.0:1
Induction System



Sequential multi-point fuel injection. Sequential multi-point fuel injection.
Port and Manifold design



Long high flow and tuned length intake runners with central plenum. Log type plenum manifold.
Throttle body


90mm 70mm
Valvetrain DOHC 4-valves-per-cylinder with variable valve timing control. Timing chains. DOHC 4-valves-per-cylinder. Single timing belt.  (less mechanical noise).



Direct ignition system with platinium tipped plugs (individual coil per cylinder). Distributor cap on the end of each intake camshaft.
Maximum engine speed (std)


6900rpm 6600rpm
Weight (engine plus ancillaries)


231kg (508.2 lbs.) 213kg (468.6 lbs.)


H: 710 mm
W: 800 mm
D: 640 mm
H: 660 mm
W: 700 mm
D: 710 mm


No adaptor kits currently available, however Nissan Patrol transfer case can be easily added to Infiniti gearbox Wide

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