Show and tell

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I am new here and I am currently in the prosess of installing a 1uz in my supra. I have been to other forums and they usualy have a section were you can show build pics for every body to see. Well I would like to see what ideas every body has, the idea is you show your current pics of your 1UZ's installed or on engine stands for every body to see. It does not need to be a Supra it can be any thing.


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Welcome to Lextreme, and which generation Supra is getting the UZ?

Unfortunately our forum was hacked last summer and more than five years worth of posted site photos were lost (well their indexes were scrambled so badly that they pop up in unexpected places now)

Many of us with builds have our own build threads in our sigs and since September this year have started reloading the photos in our threads. My build threads are shown below in my sig.

Also check out the Forced Induction Project area here: it's where most of us with UZ builds and swaps have our project threads and there are lots of photos.