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    I read that you were looking into installing the 1VDFTV into an earlier cruiser and were trying to find an adapter to the automatic A442F. I would be interested to talk to you about it.

    I have done a few wiring installs into cars and and currently working on putting a 1HDFTE into a base model 100 series.

    Hi, sorry to trouble you, I was reading an old post in which you said you have wiring diagrams/ecu pinouts for 34,22,16,28 pin ecu. I was wondering if I could get a copy from you, Mine is a 95 UCF21 with hyd fan (different to the 96LS400 diagram).
    Any help would be very much appreciated.
    Would you believe two water damaged ECUs?

    I got a bit pissed off and sent them off to A.S.S complete with a diagram of how I'd wired it up. I was correct in my wiring and will now be taking each ECU bact to the supplier with a bill and tub of vaseline as to insert it in a place where the sun don't shine
    Thanks Jim. Sent my ECUs off to ASS, Been drowned as I'd suspected then got a call about another with the same fault.. Stuck rings. This one had an aftermrket ECU on it
    its prob mechanical had afew similar issues over the past decade
    one was rotor button on 180 degrees out
    so 4 cylinders were firing ok the other 4 were 180 out so it would nearly start but not catch

    anyway if u have spark
    try starting it on aerostart and if it fires sort of ok then mechanically its ok
    if it doesnt fire and mechanically is ok then hard to say
    u might have to paint 4 marks on crank pulley and check timing on every single plug lead
    this way u will know its correct
    apart from that hard to say without looking at it
    if ecu flashes check engine light then good chance ecu is half ok
    if ecu wont flash check light then its usually not the best
    i never send my ecus to get tested as they cant do a perfec ttest on it
    especially import ones a waste of money i think
    then they will ask u for diagrams for that particular ecu to try work it out
    the best way to test ecus is plug into a running car which is hard sometimes
    especially when theres afew ucf21 types
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