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  • hi Jim.
    joined up recently and want to put a 1uz vvti into a 92 v6 4runner.

    does the engine have to be in my car to fix immob problem.?

    wanting you to do it,but i,m in newcastle.

    will get the motec agent to my house to do full wire up etc.

    if i sent you a half cut could you do immobiliser cracking and i,d get picked up.

    i know i,m grasping at straws but thought i,d try
    Hi Jim, I see you have made the move to Queensland,have not had much time for the Porsche so will definately not be ready before new year,Got all the rear end done, VP LSD, new propshaft and half shafts, 4 spot Brembos on the back,( it's going to stop -if I ever get it to go) still need to finish the tunnel.
    You intend visiting yor mum at easter?( or thereabouts)
    Cheers Russ
    Jim I wish to pick your brains. Issues with a UCF21 Celsior package that I think may have been drowned from a reputable supplier. Have fuel, fire but not what we desire. All wiring is correct after checking 7 different wiring diagrams, compression good. O2s replaced. Have 2 ECUs from the same supplier yet no go and another from another. About to send the ECUS off to ASS on Monday to be tested . Any ideas/Pointers


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