SC400 5 Speed Swap

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I have never posted here before but I own a 1992 SC400. I am doing a 5-speed swap with the Collins kit and a KA24 transmission. I finally have the auto box out, and I now have the master cylinder, clutch pedal, and manual brake pedal in. I just got the pilot bearing in. I have also bent the EGR tube out of the way so the bellhousing adapter will fit. I have a couple of questions for anyone who has done this swap before or is familiar with manual transmissions in general.

1. The flywheel will not slide on to the crankshaft. Is this supposed to be an interference fit? I have seen different answers from different threads. I figure it will probably just take some pounding but I don't want to damage it if this is not what I should be doing.
2. From what I have read, to get the car running and somewhat streetable, I will need to put a fuse into the big connector on the trans wiring harness to bypass the NSS, and then wire the reverse sensor up. I have read that the Lexus 3 pin is not compatible with Nissan's 2 pin VSS, but apparently some people have had an adapter made which connects them? I have not seen much info on this but would be interested in doing this rather than a GPS speedo.
3. I bought an "Supra/SC300 Manual Brake Pedal and Clutch Pedal Assembly" off of facebook marketplace. I assume they are the same? The brake pedal sits quite a bit lower compared to the gas pedal than the automatic brake pedal did, and I am not sure if I am going to have enough throw to fully depress the brake cylinder pushrod. Is there a way to adjust this pushrod to push the pedal up more? Right now the pushrod is the limiting factor keeping it a couple of inches behind and below the gas pedal. I compared the two pedals and the manual brake pedal is definitely curved differently and seems to account for most drop, it looks weird to me. But if it works it works?

Thanks to anyone who has any answers to these questions. This swap has been much more of a headache than I imagined and I want to make sure I do this stuff right.


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Hey, I'm doing the same swap with a 92 sc400 as well, I just haven't gotten as far. I have wiring diagrams and have cleaned up my wiring loom. I have pinned out all of the useless connectors from the auto trans, and have left the ones I need. Let me know any updates you had for the VSS, or how the Neutral Safety Switch is