Project Thread Project: 97 6-speed, SC400 supercharged 4.7L V8

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Actually, after reviewing your previous pics it looks like that core will be fairly close to the floor of the intake. It probably will not need any additional deflection. JMHO.

I am somewhat concerned that you have solid welded aluminum core and water connections. Some flex could prevent cracking. Cracked water passages in the intake could be very bad. It is of course very easy for me to criticize and I don't want to come off as just pointing out flaws. Your effort is huge and impressive. Just trying to point out pontential problems. Much easier to fix now than later on many levels.

I dont think you are being critical, I love the feedback, it helps me get this thing right. I have made some mods on that deflector sing those pics were posted. I will try to get som pictures up this weekend. It is really close to the floor of the intake middle Vee.

I am really worried about a water leak in the intake, that would be a total loss! I will look into it further.
Well for fuel rails I have opted to use the 97 rails. Stock they have Banjo fittings at both ends but thats a easy fix. The important thing is they have a feed from one end and a exit at the other. The bore of them is equal to a AN-8 bore so there is plenty of flow there.

So I basically need to dump the restrictive banjos so here we go. The plan is to feed them with AN-8 and exit them with AN-6. I know the AN-8 feed is a bit overkill but it sure looks nice. I started by drilling out the banjo threads with a initial plan to tap the rails with 3/8 NPT. Once I got them drilled and started to tap them I realized they were really thin around the threads and I was worried that the taper threads would crack them.

My solution was to drill them out a bit more and spin the threads off my AN fittings to creat a slip fit. Next step is to get them TIG welded.
Here are som pics.
Is it the hub adapter thing they use, that bolts inside of the factory flex plate?

How does it drive, especially from a stand still?

Yes thats the one. The car does take a bit of learning to drive it as the clutch is grabby. I can say however that once it broke in it got easier to drive. I have some videos on youtube of it driving. Search for vids by user scotturnot and you should find them, otherwise I will send you a link.
Fuel line Teaser pics! Made a mount for the Y block and welded it to the valve cover. Made another mount for the FPR that bolts to the rail. Still need a 180 (ordered) on the FPR to take the other return line from the other rail. Also need to some more parts to plumb the other rail. Never mind the fitting on the back side of the Y, Just put it on for test fit, it will be a 30 degree routed over to the other rail feed.
Also ignore the aluminum looking cover on the valve cover, that’s just thin aluminum tape for mock up and concept of idea.
Slowly getting there.

Now for the tease!

Here is the front feed in. Will have a 180 like this o both sides. Just starting to lay out oil breather lines, stay tuned for more updates, Its starting to get fun!
Do you own shares in Speedflow mate? :)

LOL, been shopping ebay and forums for everyones left overs to plumb this up. took 3 months of searching and about $500, but I have everything from radiator, fuel, oil cooler and catch can lines. Then when I am done there will be a bunch left over to go on ebay. I have boxes of this stuff, mostly new but some used. I just love the way they look.
Yeah me too and i use them where i can. If you have any large water line appropriate fittings let me fact let me know what you have anyways as i have some new plumbing coming that'll need a variety of fittings.
Actually got back to the project some yesterday! Hope to do more on it today.
Anyway, my COP covers are almost complete. The idea was to replace the dated plastic covers some Aluminum covers. Since the factory plastic won’t fit over the Tundra COP's anyway it was a perfect opportunity to make something cool. I am going for a serious business look under the hood so my plan all along has been to run open timing belts since I don’t have distributers to cover anymore. I decided to work a pulley guard into the creation as well. Here are some progress pics.
Really looks mean under there, Scott. I especially like those pulley guards and COP covers. Are you hiding the COP's and their wiring under those, or will they be mounted on top of them?
Really looks mean under there, Scott. I especially like those pulley guards and COP covers. Are you hiding the COP's and their wiring under those, or will they be mounted on top of them?

Tundra COP's and wiring are hidden upnder those. I still need to add some bolt holes to hold them down. The under side of them will have a some sort of rubber bumper over each COP to force it down in the hole and to make it seal with the stock rubber ring. I modified the COPs to allow them to reach the plug with no extension. I will try to grab a couple pics later today if you like.