I'm finally getting my 1UZ from a 1992 Lexus SC400!

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.


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Monrovia, Califonia
A good friend of mine crashed his SC400 and I'm now in the process of pulling out the motor, Engine Harness, and ECU. Hydraulic fan, EVERYTHING. I'm aiming for it to be California Smog legal so i will be taking all the smog/emission related equipment.

I will be posting Pictures and Videos of the motor Revving up.

First thing i did was pull off the exhaust and Revved it up a few times. The ground trembled and it scared my nieghbor's kids hahaha Too much fun.

There are only 2 bolts left holding the transmission. Almost there.
Hey would it be a good idea to take the entire underdash harness??? i already have most of the bottom panels and miscellaneous interior pieces around the shifter radio etc. removed just to gain access to the plugs of both o2 senors that go after the catalytic converters. The ECU is out and the part of the harness that goes through the fire wall has been pulled out.
The only harness I used was the engine bay harness. All my dash gauges worked and it was easy to wire them into the bit of harness that comes in through the firewall to connect to the ECU. Good luck with your swap! Can't wait to see pictures.
So i decided to leave the underdash harness in the Lexus. I'm just gonna take the part of the last 2 o2 sensor connectors and I figure I'll merge the engine bay harness with my 7M-GE harness.

The motor has been pulled out since Friday and the SC400 is now an empty shell. I also took the automatic bellhousing so now i just need to keep saving to buy the kit and adaptor plate for my W58 before i can continue with the swap.