HELP! Alt Power Issue

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Hey all, my 1993 1uz's alternator is throwing some weird power numbers at the alternator and is throwing my truck off. On the 3 pin plug at the alternator, the black with a red stripped wire (switched ignition hot wire) is only putting out 11.5 volts when the truck is charging. Also when the truck is off it shows 1.6V while it used to show 12.whatever the battery was at volts. Does this mean that the alternator is going out? I can see no other option as the other terminal in that plug is showing the standard charging/battery voltage at all times. The only thing that that wire ran for me was some dash lights and engine fuse and fuel pump, I took everything off of that line and transferred them to my aux. fuse panel.
Also, where did people have this wire connected to on other builds or swaps? Mine is in a 77 hilux 4x4 and I had it connected to some accessories. This seems wrong to me but worked flawlessly for a couple years until this issue arose. Maybe they are connected and I burned out the circuit?