1. J

    New alternator connector order for 97 ls400

    My alternator connector plug for my 97 ls400 was broken when I was taking it out of. I need to the correct order for the pins for a 97 ls400. I picked up a new connector and want to make sure I install it correctly. Anyone know the order based on the colors of the wires
  2. 77highlux

    HELP! Alt Power Issue

    Hey all, my 1993 1uz's alternator is throwing some weird power numbers at the alternator and is throwing my truck off. On the 3 pin plug at the alternator, the black with a red stripped wire (switched ignition hot wire) is only putting out 11.5 volts when the truck is charging. Also when the...
  3. K

    180K P/S & Alt. Repair...what to replace?

    Going into my 93 LS400 soon, the P/S went dead. Fluid had been disappearing for awhile. I'm probably going to do the P/S rebuild myself, can you think of anything else. I plan on keeping the car for awhile and have had the timing belts and water pump replaced. Also, should I just throw...