1. 77highlux

    HELP! Alt Power Issue

    Hey all, my 1993 1uz's alternator is throwing some weird power numbers at the alternator and is throwing my truck off. On the 3 pin plug at the alternator, the black with a red stripped wire (switched ignition hot wire) is only putting out 11.5 volts when the truck is charging. Also when the...
  2. M

    1uzfe + a340f not shifting out of first

    I have a 1uzfe from a 92 sc400 in my 4runner and my mechanic friend and I are trying to get it running with a a340f transmission. The 2 shift solenoids are connected correctly to the ecu but the truck never shifts out of 1st gear. If I remove the wiring harness I can manually shift to L, 2, or D...