Can't find a replacement Fuel line for my LS400

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Hey guys! I have been using this forum for so many different problems and projects i am planning on doing to my 1997 Lexus LS400. I got it for a measly $600, and it only has 175k miles. I even have a new transmission for it waiting to go in. Currently, I just finished replacing the starter, which has to be the worst thing I have ever done on a car.

SO BASICALLY, while working on the starter, I flipped the fuel injector rail upside down instead of disconnecting it, and I guess the fuel inlet hose procured a small leak since it was partially dry-rotted. I figured this is a easy part to fix, since its just a simple fuel rail hose. But after 3 hours of research, I cannot find a single place that has a part number, much less one for sale. I am currently at a stand still, and while the leak isn't bad, its something I need to fix asap. Does anyone have the part number, or a link where I can buy this stupid fuel hose, or even have a way for me to jerry rig a new one on?


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Thank you both for the response. Zuffen, I did not know that could be an option for hoses, so thanks for the tip!
Thank you so much for that video gloverman, it actually helped me find the diagram that was missing, and led my towards the right direction. After diving into the website, I found that the part number was 90923-01407, and it is out of stock in a few places. However, it doesn't seem impossible to find anymore. I appreciate the much needed help!

To help anyone else out trying to find fuel system hoses, here is the diagram the website (Japanese cars online catalogs) gave me: 1700366882073.png