1. N

    Lexus LS 400 Lower bushings shock absorbers front and rear

    Hi there. For my Lexus LS400 I need the lower bushings for the front an rear shock absorbers (air susp). They are not for sale from Lexus/Toyota. Does anyone know were I can buy them (good quality OEM)
  2. O

    Lexus LS400 Shift Points

    I Have A 1992 Lexus LS400 With Around 98,500 Miles, And I Was On A Hill One Day, A Pretty Steep One, And I Decided To Do The First Full Acceleration With Kick Down. It Pulled Up To About 5850 According To The Tach (Sounded Around There Too) And It Shifted. This Confused Me Because All The...
  3. F

    Faster than a GS350? Better value than a Genesis 5.0?

    Hi, New member here and am busy reading the various threads. I suspect my questions are already answered so thanks for the patience as I locate them. If you wanted to point the way that would be great. Or if you wanted to wait a few days for me to find the answers on my own and then add any...
  4. B

    ECU Reccamendations? First gen LS400

    I'm looking to get some more power out of my first gen LS400 and people were saying to start with an aftermarket ECU. Some say the Link G4 is good, not sure exactly what im looking for. Any recommendations?
  5. G

    Very weird electrical issues

    Hello everyone: I currently have a 90 LS400 with a mysterious code 42 (speed sensor 1). I have replaced the speed sensor, instrument cluster and ECU with no avail. Current symptoms are: Code 42 (O/D light blinking) Dead speedometer Dead Odometer Dead trip meter Gasoline smell Very sluggish...
  6. C

    1993 Lexus LS400 kills fuel pumps every month

    What the title says. I'm about to install the third fuel pump in this thing. I took out the one that came with it (Toyota branded) because it felt a bit weak, but otherwise had no real issues. The replacement, a Spectra fuel pump with kit and strainer, lasted about three months before finally...
  7. M

    Master machinist; greenhorn mechanic

    Hello all, I need help here. I own a 1990 ls400. Planning on making a mean sleeper out of it. I can make just about every part under the hood from scratch, but I have no idea where to start as far as the wrenching side if things go. So here we go guys. A little patience will go a long way...
  8. SpeedLove

    Newbie from USA- Need Some Advice

    Hello. Im a new member from the upstate SC area. I have a 94 LS400 that I need some advice on what to do with. The interior is in bad shape. And its not to pretty on the outside. Runs and drives, needs things like an upper ball joint, wheel bearing and transmission mount. But anyway I was...
  9. Holmsey

    Fault code 12 Help!!

    Hi all, been using my Truck with 1993 Lexus LS400 power for around 10months. Always started up first crack once or twice it has cut out, no tick over and then was reluctant to start, but always did after turning over for a few seconds Mostly while I've been using it it has started no problem...
  10. B

    Beach life...

    Hello from Pittsburgh!! Visiting Ft.Lauderdale / Pompano area... who knows where the parties are at?
  11. F

    13 second E85 naturally aspirated 1UZ build

    13 second E85 naturally aspirated 1UZ build possible? Thread delete
  12. M

    Want to trade my front sump for rear sump 1uzfe

    I have a front sump still attached to my engine and need to convert to a rear sump for my swap. It is from a 92 LS400 and will include all hardware. Can reply via forum or email [email protected]
  13. A

    A few V8 questions

    Hi all, got a few questions about the 1uz. Firstly, is the VVTI motor much harder to wire up? 2: i'm sure i read somewhere the vvti's are coil-on-plug ignition? is this the case? as was originally going to run an older 1uz with MS untill i heard the later ones were COP which should be...
  14. J

    92 LS400 OEM wheels

    I have 3 15" factory wheels for a 92 ls400. all in decent condition, one has some pretty good road rash; they would make good spares instead of having donuts looking to get $30+shipping each or $75+shipping for all. They are in Texas you can text 210-954-6452 if interested i dont have the...
  15. C

    1UZ from '92 LS400

    Was told it had 90k miles. Has everything you see here (no alternator). I've sold my project and don't need it now. $400, for local pickup only (may be persuaded to deliver it within a 100 mile radius for another $100) in or near Baltimore, MD cvetters3 at 4 1 0 3 7 5 4 8 9 9
  16. S

    91 LS400 Altenator

    I have a LS400 engine going into a Cobra - does anyone know what the three wires do that go into the small ROUND altenator plug. I'm trying to pick up an earth that completes the circuit on my ignition light (should then lose earth as altenator runs to put ign light out?) Help!!
  17. R

    1990 ls400 ECT control signal engine code 16

    Hi everyone new on these forums, looked here alot. Tons of great help here, but I need some help with my 1990 ls400, its all stock, picked it up on the cheap with 190k miles on it. tuned it up new timing belt, coil wires, alternator. But i cant sleep at night, i have engine code 16, done...
  18. L

    Lexus LS400 HIGH PITCH NOISE when accelerating

    Hey, I just bought a 91 LS400 and when I accelerate it make a high pitch whistling sound. It is really loud, any ideas what it might be? It goes away when you take your foot of accelerator, it also does it in neutral when reving. I would like to have a good idea before taking it to a mechanic...
  19. M

    1997 LS400 Celsior - JDM EXE custom

    Custom 1997 Zenki (prefacelift) Lexus LS400/Celsior for sale. The color is Metallic gray, 90000miles with original paint. I bought the car 4 years ago when I came here for school. I had it customized by bringing parts off of my Celsior in Japan. The car is rebadged to Toyota Celsior. Interior...
  20. S

    i need help with swap

    i own 93 ls400 my motor is done and wondering on a swap i currently own a lexus sc300 with a 1jzgte and have a 2jzgte motor in my garage, should i drop the 2jzgte in my ls400 and if so how would i go into doing it, my main concern is the wiring like should i use a standalone or can i use the...