1uz 95+

  1. Bayareese

    Project Thread C10 engine swap/build

    Hi am Reese 20 United States I am looking for help building a boosted 1UZ-FE I have little knowledge of engines and don't claim to know much, so if possible explain things to me in detail please I want to start out by make around 400-500 horse power with capability to make 700 horsepower in...
  2. H

    Difference between 10:1 and 10.4:1 1uz motors

    Anyone know what changes were made OTHER than the pistons and connecting rods to up the compression between the 10:1 and 10.4:1 motors. I have a 10.4:1 block and a set of 10:1 heads that i am looking to put together. I cannot find any information online about this particular setup. I also have...