I'm the 1st to post in the uk section!


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haha good effort bud. Im the same, in and running last weekend of the month hopefully. Booked the monday of work just in case


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i may have one from a soarer mate, you have any ecu numbers i can check it against ?

All I know is the engine is from a LS400 and something about a 3 plug like the supra?

It seems like if its after 92 it should work as there are no different.
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I just dropped my engine in its hitting on the brake pipes and clutch at the mo but i think i'm going to rip all that out and fit a pedal box with fake floor

Maccy: interested to see what your mounts were like and how close the engine is to the firewall if you wouldn't mind showing me?
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Hi guys,

Just spotted this. Ex-pat across the water.
Dying with flu at the mo so have a chance to properly trawl the site.
Remember just because it;s a Japanese engine don't mean the body has to be.


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hi all in the UK
i have a land rover disco-2 with a 1UZFE 4.0 i built all the parts myself made my own rear sump good protect


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Hi guys, not really new to the forum but just found this!

1UZ powered TR7 here ......one day! Just last week met a guy putting the same in a race SD1 only 4 miles from me so at least 2 of us near Scotch Corner.