camshaft specs on 1uzfe non vvii, 1st gen vs. 2nd.

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I have desperately been searching to find a post I read here about some minor differences of camshaft specs (lift/duration) between the very first gen 1uzfe (billet fuel rails) vs. 2nd gen (round case fuel rails) .. There was some minor difference in either the intake or the exhaust lift/durations... and it speculated that this may have been partly responsible for the slight increase in HP between the two.
I have searched high a low here and still cannot find that thread.... Anyone with any help on this one ?

Thank you kindly.
Is this it?

Unfortunately no, it was a member that had done some comparisons of the earliest two 1uz , the “big rod” vs small rod and also noted a slight difference in either intake or exhaust camshafts…
Was speculating that the small difference might be a improvement on a big rod, earliest 1uz….