87 4Runner 1UZ swap, get comfy

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Fun Factor Garage - Canada Eh!
Yes the custom one would be more expensive normally but a guy at work made it for me and I only had to pay for the chunk of hose and two sleeves. Total was 17.50 Canadian.

Shipping and exchange is nuts for us canucks at the moment. I have to pay 1.40 Canadian for a US dollar plus cross boarder shipping. Your $40 line would be $85 by the time it landed at my door. Local parts had to order it from the US as it’s not in stock eta was unknown.

I may still switch mine out now that I see how well yours as worked out


Duluth, Minnesota
It's actually bolted to the frame. No wood blocks involved.

Frame-side motor mount brackets built. These sit right onto the tabs on the stock pads on the frame, I put the 2 tabs at different angles to improve access to the rear mounting bolt (between the 2 tabs). Don't judge my ugly flux core welds, they'll hold.

by Numbchux, on Flickr

and installed

by Numbchux, on Flickr

by Numbchux, on Flickr

Then I moved to the transfer case mount.

At a glance, it looked like the T100 mount would bolt to my crossmember. So close....but no

by Numbchux, on Flickr

Little tickle with the dremel, and I got those to tighten down adequately. Then carefully drilled 4 holes to catch the rear factory captive nuts through the meat of the crossmember, since it's moved back ~3".

2020-06-01_09-26-13 by Numbchux, on Flickr

I think I'm going to try drilling and tapping into the frame through the existing 2 holes in the crossmember that overlap the frame so I'll be back to 4 bolts on either side.

No pictures, but after over a week of soaking the inside of the gas tank in Metal Ready (in various positions) I thoroughly rinsed and dried it, vacuumed out the debris, and coated the inside with POR15 fuel tank sealer.

I went to test fit the front driveshaft, so I could plot out my exhaust routing, only to find out the front output bolt pattern on the T100 tcase is 61.5x70mm, and my old shaft was 60.1x68.3. DOH. Adapter ordered....