1. R

    1uzfe 4runner . Need some help with 4 wheel

    I looking for transmission extention housing to covert it back to 2 wheel . Right now . I want to convert it back to 2 wheel then back to 4 wheel because the transfer case for 1uzfe is on the left hand side and the vechicle i am swapping it into is on the right hand side.
  2. G

    Hello From Spain! 1uzfe to4runner

    Hello everyone, it is a pleasure to be here. My name is Gastón, I am 29 years old and I have a 4runner 1st gen 22re, I will tell you my story. I have been wanting to mount a 1uzfe for me 4runner for a long time ... But the information in my country is very scarce and I have to search a lot...
  3. S

    Catastrophic Failure, 2uzfe. Rebuild questions

    I blew up the motor in my 2005 4Runner Sport. I got forced off the highway in a near-accident in the middle of a bad storm, and plowed into deep water at 50mph. Apparently got water in the intake and hydrolocked the motor. Dropped the oil pan and found pieces of the #2 rod and what looks like an...
  4. B

    supercharger or turbo?

    okay looking for opinions and suggestions for my next project.. looking to ad FI to my 1uzfe swapped 4runner. basic low down= engine:90 ls400(all emissions stripped) all stock otherwise drivetrain: R150(factory v6 runner drivetrain) fuel supply: factory 90 v6 runner...
  5. S

    1uz in 88 4runner overheating issue

    Hi all. I have a 1uz in my runner and I can't seen to get the cooling side of thing right. I have an oversize full alloy radiator out of a supra in it running a custom made shroud with a 14" thermo fan on the inside, EL falcon fans on the outside pushing. I have removed the double bypass side of...
  6. yodathespian87

    Intro Yodathespian87

    Hey guys figured I would say hello. Here is my 94 SC400 when I first bought it for $500. It needed a timing belt a idler pulley and a water pump. I bought it for the engine. As of now I am currently driving it as my DD, until I finish my 3.4 swap in my 93 4Runner.