10 Seconds

Death By Bass

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street tyres?

an Aristo (GS300), with about 400rwkw, weighing in at around 1600kgs, will run an 11.2 second 1/4 mile.

therefore, the Lexus in that video, with over 500rwkw, and less weight, will do 10's, except, they looked an awful lot like street tyres.

the guy with the Aristo I know was aiming for 10's but was having serious traction issues, even with drag slicks.

having said that, does anyone actually know the Lexus in that video? maybe its not even doing 700hp.


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I know the video is just an example but it's a manual for a start, (just lost at least a second down the quarter) and there's no way its got 700hp at the wheels.
If it does, he's just cruz'ing


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My car would very likely do a 10 easy with slicks with only 430rwhp as did an 11.7, and would have done an 11.5 without a missed gear, on street tyres.

With the current 500+rwhp would do a 10 easy on street tyres.

Alot can come down to practise too....not just a matter of stomping the peddle. Not only about hp either as i'm sure you're aware.