2JZGTE Valve Spec Vs. 1UZFE Valve Spec

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Thanks to www.sparkracing.com and allow me to have few 2JZGTE valves, springs and retainers.  I also compare 2JZ valve parts with 1UZFE Parts.  As we all know 1UZ performance parts are so limited and very hard to find.  There are plenty of go fast parts for the 2JZGTE and we should capitalize this opportunity.  Therefore, my goal is to find interchangeable parts among other makes and models.  I decided to test out the 2JZGTE Valve parts.  The below measurements was done by myself with a very sensitive and accurate caliper.  Here are the measurements and comparisons:

Properties 2JZ Intake 2JZ Exhaust 1UZ Intake 1UZ Exhaust 2JZ Retainer 1UZ Retainer
Stem Length 98.55mm 99.10mm 95.2 mm 97.12 mm .340″ Height .299″ Height
Stem Diameter 5.98mm 5.98mm 5.96 mm 5.96 mm .986″ O.D. .986″ O.D.
Valve Size 33.60mm 29mm 33.45 mm 28.04 mm .786″ 2nd Stage .686″ 2nd Stage
Tip Length 3.5mm 3.5mm 4.00 mm 4.00 mm .502″ 3rd Stage .474″ 3rd Stage
Tip Groove N/A N/A 2.15 mm 2.15 mm .291″ I.D. .300″ I.D.

Here are some possible valves that can be use on the pre 1998 1uzfe valves.  Credit for the valve specifications goes towww.ferrea.com.

If you look at the above table, you can see the 2JZGTE Valves are little longer.  All other specs are pretty much the same.  Here is the bottom line:

2JZGTE Intake: .139″ Longer

2JZGTE Exhaust: .082″ Longer

Here are some pictures below.  Valves and parts on the right of the pictures are 1UZFE and left would be 2JZGTE.

The 2JZGTE Retainers are not a major factor.  If you going to use 2JZGTE Springs, then you can use the 2JZ retainers.  Here is the question.  Would it work?

I am sure this article will give lots of Lextremers idea and if there is a will, there is a way…

I will definitely going to try this out with some modifications.  Even if the valves won’t work on the 1UZFE, its a great idea to upgrade the 1UZ stock springs to the 2JZ.

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