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1989 Lexus LS400 Strut Bar Cushion Replacement

After owning this beautiful 1989 Lexus LS400 for the past three years, this car starts to show its age.  This is a 14 year old car with air suspension.  Recently I have replacement my air suspension shocks to strutmasters shocks and I really feel the clunk noise every time my car goes over a small bump.

This clunking noise really bother me and I want to change it.  Currently only Lexus Dealers have this part.  The MSRP is about $130 each and you will need two.  However, if you are going to change these strut rod cushions or bushings, I would do a complete suspension overhaul with Daizen Sport Tuning Bushings at the same time.

Here are the symptoms for strut bar cushion defects or wear.  Clunk noise over small bumps or pot holes.  The noise also happen during acceleration.  Below are diagrams from Lexus OEM Repair Manual on removal of the strut bar cushion.

Finally got my cushions replaced today.  The cushions are like donuts and they are about $130 each.  One cushion on each side.

Step 1:
Remove the tires

Step 2:
Loosen the two nut holding the strut bar in.  They are 19mm

Step 3:
Loosen the strut bar cushion with 17 mm (3)

Step 4:
Loosen the main strut bar bolt 24mm and push from behind.  The cushion will pop right out.  Use some grease on the cushion along with the inside part.  It will slide right in and tighten all the screws.  No alignment adjustment is required.

The whole process takes about 30 minutes for both sides.  Very easy to do and you will noticed the ride difference.

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