Lexus V8 Stainless Steel Braided Radiator Hoses

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There are two radiator hose in first generation Lexus LS400.  Since my car have over 175,000 miles, its time to get a new set.  I got a new set of radiator hoses from a local Lexus dealer.  The total price for the two hoses is about $59.00 plus tax.  I also got a 10% off because I am a California Auto Club (AAA) member.

After I got the radiator hoses, I took it to a local aerospace shop and have them put in stainless steel braided hose.  I was going to get them from Summit Racing, but putting them on is very hard and lots of problem.  I have the local aerospace shop inserted for me.  The cost of it is not that much, however, the blue anodized blue end cap is about $15 each.  Four end caps would run about $60 already.

The project cost around $130 and the time for changing them is about 1 hour.  I have dealt with stainless steel braided lines for a while now and have some experience with them.  Care must be taken for those braided lines.

To start, make sure your engine is completely cold and few basic tools will do.  Here is the pictorial journey of changing stock radiator hoses to stainless steel braided radiator hoses.

This is a general view of the top (short) radiator hose. Each end has a spring loaded clip.

Make sure the engine is completely cold and use a plier to take out the clip.

Removing the rear clip with a basic plier.

This picture shows loosen radiator hose clip/clamp. Move it away from the radiator outlet.

The rear clamp is loosen and top radiator hose is ready to be pulled.

This is the view of the radiator hose be off.

The same as for the rear with radiator hose removed.

These are two OEM radiator hoses with clips/clamps on.

These are the new stock hoses with stainless steel braided lines with tape at the end.

The black hoses next to the braided lines are stock cover for vibration. Those need to be removed.

This is the S/S braided line and end tape.

This is the view of the two new S/S radiator hoses.

Here is the S/S hose with worm clamp.

Here is where the expense comes in. The end for the S/S braided lines.

Other view of the end cap.

Before you push in the new hoses, make sure to spray some WD-40 into the hoses.

The first hose is in. Noticed the end caps… Nice and clean.

A closer look at the end cap. Detail is the key.

Other end cap….

Frontal view of the top S/S braided line with end caps.

Lower radiator hose is being removed. Same basic tool and technique.

Mock installation of the lower S/S braided line. Install the lower portion first and top second.

A view of the top S/S braided hose.

Now two hoses are installed.

Different view of the Stainless Steel Braided Radiator hoses.

Can not see well. Trying to show you the lower connection of the lower radiator hose.

Upper of the lower(long) radiator hose and end cap.

Both radiator hoses and end caps.

General view of the unfinished engine bay.

Side view of the SS braided lines.

Here you have it.  This task is pretty easy and you can easily do it with in an hour or so.  If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact ME!  With $130, it sure make your Lexus LS400 engine bay look a lot different from the rest.

Do you have any questions? If so, please head over to the forums to get a quick answer or share your experience!

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