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Lexus SC400 Exhaust Modification with 3″ Greddy Mufflers

This ride belongs to The Nguyen Brothers.  The little Nguyen with a clean SC400 and bigger Nguyen with a 2JZGTE Swap with 6 Speed.  One day the bigger Nguyen wanted more power and sound and decided to do some muffler modifications.  Initially, Tony Wanted to do dual 2.5″ straight from header on.  I advised him that this modification will be noise and loose some lower end power.

So, we decided to delete the center cat and the restrictive Y pipe with a 3″ straight pipe.  Besides the 3″ Y-pipe, Tony also have a set of Greddy Muffler for the SC300.  The Greddy Mufflers are 2.5″.

Here is how the stock SC400 exhaust system looks like:

The U.S. Spec Soarer has a Sub-Catalytic Converter and its very restrictive.  Since I had dual 3″ exhaust and it was LOUD and its a pain sometime for a luxury car.  Here are some pictures of before and after Greddy Muffler installation:

Here is a beautiful picture of a clean SC with stock mufflers.

Side profile before the modifications, its a virgin.

Tinny little stock exhaust tip.

Tony is showing off his Supra Brake with drilled and slotted brake. Nice rim by the way.

Tony still showing off his clean Lexus. Gotta give it to him, its ACleanSC for sure.

Something is missing in this picture. Yes, FMIC. It would look so mean. He should install one just for show.

Ok, enough of those huge Supra Brake already!

Ok, now here are the real things. Greddy muffler for SC. Its mirror finish stainless steel.

Here is a view from a rice rocket smelling Tony exhaust.

Ok, this is a stock exhaust coming out from the primary cats.

Here is the U.S. Spec Sub. cat. Bottle neck is right here.

This is post sub cat and moving toward the mufflers.

Primary mufflers and going toward secondary mufflers.

That is Mr. L. the Man… taking the stock exhaust system out.

Its gone…. Almost cat back…

The two 2.25 oem pipes will be fine for N/A applications. Reduce noise and increase power.

Stock post sub cat exhaust is out and gone.

Those are Greddy primary mufflers for the SC300.

Its in…. Nice already..

Getting better.. I can just image how it would look like once its done.

Mr. L is making the 3″ Y-Pipe and modifying Greddy’s pipes.

Both sides are done.. NICE!

Here, this is what I call a nice setup. Same noise level, but increase exhaust flow and peformance. Its a must for Lexus.

Ok, Tony is showing off again, but nevertheless very nice…

Two huge pipes coming out from each side. I think the muffler tips are 4″ each.

An above view of the tips.

Side view of the new exhaust.

Nice… Dual 4″ Tips.

Very nice…

From our phone conversation, Tony stated this setup have slightly deeper tone, but the sound level is almost like stock.  However, Tony stated there is definitely an improvement in performance.

This is a very classy N/A upgrade for the Lexus SC400.  This setup retained stock exhaust noise level and improve full band of power.  Great job Tony and Great choice of exhaust.  Thanks.  How about some sound files and dyno numbers?

Here are few words from Tony: ” Exhaust used:  Catback Greddy MX exhaust for SC300.  The midcat was removed and replaced with Greddy MX piping back to the dual exhaust w/ Greddy resonators. Custom 3″ pipe (I think) was made to convert the two 2.25″ pipes to one.  Sound is very very stock like but with more aggressive tone when stepped on. Nice deep growl at idle.  After the job, responsiveness seemed to improved throughout acceleration both low end & top end. Very smooth, I can feel the difference now how the stock pipes were restrictive.  I would recommend this setup, although it’s kind of hard to find, to anyone looking to put an exhaust on their SC300/SC400. I’ve been meaning to record a video clip with sound of the exhaust too, I’ll host it for you.  Feel free to put in more stuff”


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