Garrett GT Turbo Compressor Maps For Lexus-Toyota V8 Engines

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Garrett claims the GT series turbos are much better then the old school T series.  They claim the GT turbos will spool about 1,000 rpm lower then the previous generation.  Here are the Specs of each turbo and compressor map.  I also included the 1UZFE to 3UZFE Airflow.

Here are the Air Flow Chart for the UZFE:
Here is the spread sheet of 1UZ to 3UZ Air Flow Chart

Here is the Specs of GT Turbos:

Garrett GT Turbos

Compressor Specs CHRA Turbine Specs
Max. Rated HP Part No. Wheel Dia. Wheel Trim A/R Ratio Bearing System Wheel Dia. Wheel Trim A/R Ratio
130 GT-12 41mm 50 .38 Standard 35.5mm 72 .43
220 GT-15 45mm 60 .48 Standard 41.2mm 72 .35
260 GT-20 56mm 55 .53 Standard 47mm 72 .46
280 GT-22 52mm 60 .51 Standard 50.3mm 72 0.56, 0.67
280 GT-22 59.41mm 52 .42 Standard 50.3mm 72 0.56, 0.67
320 GT-28R Call CALL .6 Ball Bearing 50.3mm 62 .64
500 GT-30R 76.2 mm 56 .6 Ball Bearing 60mm 84 CALL
520 GT-32 71, 76mm 52 .5 Standard 64 mm 73 .78
660 GT-35 71, 76mm 52 .50, .60 Standard 68mm 84 1.18
680 GT-35R 82mm 56 .7 Ball Bearing 68mm 84 0.82, 1.06
700 GT-37 76mm, 82mm 52 .54, .70 Standard 72.5mm 84 1.12
750 GT-40 82mm, 88mm 50, 54 .58, .72 Standard 77mm 73, 84 0.94, 1.34
1100 GT-42 94mm, 102mm 53, 56 .6 Standard 82mm 84 1.15
1100 GT42R 94mm, 102mm 53, 56 .6 Ball Bearing 82mm 84 1.15
2200 GT-60 141mm 56 1.05 Standard 130mm 84 1.47

To match the perfect setup for your horse power
needs.  Just match the above air flow chart with the
approperaite engines and the boost u want to run.  The
airflow (Text in Red) and pressure ratio (Text in Blue).
The Pressure Ratio is on the right side of the chart and the
flow rate at the bottom of the map.  For example 8 psi is
your goal for the 1UZFE (SC400, LS400 or Crown). Here is your
air flow and pressure ratio:

Pressure Ratio:39.08
Air Flow for 1UZ @ 8 psi:1.54 

To learn more about “how
to read compressor maps

Here are the compressor maps:

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