Electric turbo (one that works)

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.


Before anyone says this is impossible, I have already tested this and am in the process of installing one on my own sc400 and it is a good option for for those who do not have skills to make your own exhaust or choose to retain A/C. I am running a t76 turbo powered by a 12hp(almost 10,000 watts) brushless motor that spins up to 75,000 rpm (t76 compressor map shows that 75,000 rpm flows enough for 700hp) which is powered by a 24v battery bank (2 seperate car batteries mounted in trunk). 400amp Electronic speed controller is used to controller the motor which only comes on at WOT and I use a rpm switch to automatically activate/deactivate turbo when shifting to save the transmission. There is no lag and will give 100% power immediately I use a servo controller to regulate the speed of the motor (boost level) and a 12/24v alternator charger to charge my battery bank off of alternator. You get about 15 10 second WOT bursts at full 75000 rpm or before having to wait for your batteries to charge. More if you are running less rpm. Setup is similar to this but with a bigger turbo and faster/stronger motor . Home - TORQAMP The problem with the torque amp is that it does not flow enough for larger motors. I have bypassed this issue by supersizing the turbo, the motor, the electronics, and the size of the battery bank...
Anyone interested in a setup like this should know that it is 400-700hp capable so it requires at minimum both intercooling and supporting fuel mods (FMU/larger injectors/ 255lph fuel pump). Best part? It is removable and can be used on any vehicle
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