1997 LS400 Celsior - JDM EXE custom

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Eugene, OR
Custom 1997 Zenki (prefacelift) Lexus LS400/Celsior for sale. The color is Metallic gray, 90000miles with original paint. I bought the car 4 years ago when I came here for school. I had it customized by bringing parts off of my Celsior in Japan.

The car is rebadged to Toyota Celsior. Interior is all Coach leather with branding in the side of the center console. It had Nakamichi Premium sound package. Car drives extremely well, and has had every maintenance need taken care of. No check engine lights, everything is in working order.

The custom list goes on and on for this vehicle. So much money has been invested in this car, so serious buyers only please. This car is NICE. Most of these parts are not available in the the US, and they never will be, some are extremely rare and no longer available even in Japan (or shockingly expensive and hard to find) so you'll be getting jaw dropping attention by any competent fan. Mostly the wheels, I've never even seen OZ Operas custom made for this car here. Back in the hay day of UCF10, UCF20 modifications, only the super rich could afford the ridiculous prices the Italians were asking, so there aren't very many genuine ones. Especially in original paint to match the car. The face doesn't have any scratches. It's not some knock off crappy chrome rims. It's genuine OZ Racing Operas with factory custom paint and dish. Same goes for Buddy Club suspension for UCF20, I don't think they make them anymore and it was never available for US as far as I know.

Here's a quick list:
OZ Opera 19" 265Rear. 225Front with different offset. genuine (serial number avail.) 2 piece wheels custom ordered and made in Italy, specifically for this car ("tsuraichi" flush with fenders look).
Full Buddy Club custom suspension.
Custom audio by VIFA (very high end speakers). JBL competition Subwoofer.
Full refresh (new control arms, multilinks, bushings, ball joints, everything)
Newer weatherstrips all around
New Racing harnesses with pads for driver and retractable 3 point for passenger side.
New cams and valve adjustment.
New radiator
New touch screen 2DIN head unit DVD player with surround sound by Pioneer. Accepts USB, SD card, DVD, CD, etc.
New Clifford remote start, turbo timer, alarm system professional installed.
New Locking Gorilla aluminum wheel nuts
New wheel bearings (packed with Mobil1 grease)
New Air Intake unit (like K&N, sound is not as loud but amazing performance)
Genuine Coach leather treatment
Power steering modification
Fairly new (10000miles on it) JDM Yokohama DNA tires (not DOT approved but extremely high speed rating with unbelievable grip but not sure about legality, change the tires to be sure of legal street use) they are very quiet even on stiff suspension and 19"wheels. These tires alone cost me fortune.
Etc. Etc. Etc.,

The car has Mobil 1 oil everywhere except transmission fluid, which is genuine toyota. Differential fluid has been changed every 20000 miles since my ownership, transmission every 15000miles. Engine oil is religiously changed with Mobil1 Synthetic every 3000miles.

The car STILL has the original quality check/inspection stickers on the door panels! Which goes to show it was taken care of it's entire life. This amazing car has 90000 non-abused miles on it and it includes the following if you wish (otherwise I'll get rid of it):
All the original suspension, control arm stuff, bushings, Nakamichi sound system, wheels&tires, Lexus emblem, 1qt of original paint, Optima billet aluminium battery holder (previously used for audio system, not even a scratch on it), other USDM equipment. Not sure if it will all fit in the trunk so please tell me what you need if you decide to buy the car.

Pictures are available on request, so if you are truly interested please shoot me a PM or Email. I am willing to negotiate prices, however I have no urgency to sell the car so I will not entertain ridiculously low offers. If you are looking for a cheap, abused LS400 this is not it. This is a combination of ultimate Japanese EXE styling, the best of Toyota's luxury, and Italian wheel fancy.

For those interested, the car will be looked over by my mechanic soon for final pre-sale so it may not be available to look at until he is done. Which should be completed by sometime next weekend.
I am asking for the entire car and mods $12000 USD. $8000 without. I will not sell the mods for $4000 separately. If I cannot sell the mods, I may bring them back with me to put them back on my Celsior when I go back to Japan.

Yes, this car has a clean title.

EDIT: I'm not posting any pictures online because I know some fraudster will end up trying to sell a phantom car on Ebay. But I'd be more than happy to email them to a serious buyer.
Thank you for looking!!!
Leaving back to Japan in a few months, so I have to sell the car. Sorry, no trades.