1. J

    3uz-fe engine swap throwing b2799 code

    I'm transplanting a 3uz-fe from 2002 Japanese Celsior into 1996 Australian Toyota Hilux. Wired everything up and she turns over but stops immediately and then wont turn over til I turn ignition off and on again. Checked techstream and its throwing usual codes for missing shifter etc as I'm...
  2. Z

    Build date ucf11 Celsior

    My imported Celsior's vin number is not in the chart, so I can't work out her age. Does anyone know how to clarify this for me? Model: E-UCF11-AEPQK Frame No.: UCF11-0000664 Plant/Built: A53 Vin: 6U900UCF110000664 The chassis also has J4143 stamped on it. Obviously I can't rego her without...
  3. M

    1997 LS400 Celsior - JDM EXE custom

    Custom 1997 Zenki (prefacelift) Lexus LS400/Celsior for sale. The color is Metallic gray, 90000miles with original paint. I bought the car 4 years ago when I came here for school. I had it customized by bringing parts off of my Celsior in Japan. The car is rebadged to Toyota Celsior. Interior...