rim sizes fit??

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Hi all,

probably this was discussed before - I just don't find it....:confused:

Which OEM rims fit to which cars (Lexus)?

E.g. I know the R17 OE rims from a 3rd gen GS fit on a '98 LS400...

On ebay I see loads of 18R LS460 rims with bolt circles of 120 and 120.65 mm (already not possible to have 2 diameters on a 5-hole rim with 5 holes ....), so do these sellers pretend we would squeeze the rims on??

Also what about the center hole?
Isn't that 60.1 or 61.0 mm on the LS400 and LS430s?
70+ mm on the LS460??

Any thread on this or details from a Lexus specialist?


thjakits :cool: