92 4runner 1UZFE / R150F Swap Project


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I have lost interest for long enough that I think it's time to see if someone else would be interested in finishing this thing. I searched for a long time for a 22RE 2nd gen 4runner and could not find one for a reasonable price, so I bought this rust free 92 with the intentions of doing a 22RE / 5-spd swap. I struggled almost as much finding a donor truck, meanwhile reading up on the 1UZ swap. So I started gathering parts for the 1UZFE swap and slowly tearing into it. Needless to say, with my current work & play schedule, I can't see myself finishing this darn thing and it's not terribly far away.



Here's what I've got:

Gray '92 4runner that is drivetrain-less. Body is rust free and frame only has very minor surface rust. This is the most rust-free 2nd gen I've seen local - hands down. There is some clear-coat peeling on the rear driver's side quarter panel. The rear bumper was removed and trashed because it was the only rusty part of the truck - you can see it in some of the earlier photos. I had planned to replace it with an aftermarket bumper. The truck is very dusty in the photos only because the guy I bought it from did body work a couple bays down from it in his garage. I thoroughly cleaned the exterior of this thing before parking it in my garage.

'92 1UZFE from an SC400. I bought it from a guy on Lextreme who had the SC400 and I got it with the bad trans. The trans was trashed, but the bellhousing was kept. The motor was partially disassembled by me after purchase mainly to remove the wiring harness for conversion.

'91 R150F 5-speed. This was purchased as a spare a few years ago on YT and I am unsure of the mileage. I am sure it was 100,000-ish. 3VZE flywheel and clutch assembly is included.

1UZFE-3VZE converted harness. The 1UZFE & 3VZE harnesses were sent to Phoenix Tuning for professional conversion. Josh at Phoenix Tuning claims it is plug-and-play. The harness photos are of the 1UZ harness pre-conversion. I also have the ECM.

A340H bellhousing to R150F adapter. I bought this from Phil Bradshaw in NZ - in my research I found this part to have a great reputation.

Miscellaneous auto-to-manual conversion parts. Including clutch pedal assy, master cylinder, slave cylinder, lines, shifter boots, console section, etc. This was purchased from minderdude1 on YT.

I can offer a lot of info on what has been done and what needs to be done, but if you're not willing to do the research on this swap, don't waste my time and your time & money. Might sound harsh, but you will not complete this conversion without researching it and there is a boatload of info out there on it.

Reference photos: (keep in mind, these were progress photos)




I will start by asking $2,200 obo for this project vehicle.

I am located in Lancaster, PA and best contacted via email at nmeily@gmail.com.


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Can't say I'm looking for anything in particular, but I'll at least listen to trade offers. Shoot me an email or PM.


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Hey it seems like u have everything to complete the swap? What is holding you back? Besides perhaps lack of interest.


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What parts are left

Just found your ad. What do you have left. I have a 1991 PU with a 5-speed that I would like to do the conversion on. I have the motor and the engine wiring harness. Is there anything you have for sale that would help me get my project going?


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Hello Jerry. I've neglected this thread - my apologies:

Items Sold: Converted harness, bellhousing adapter, sump setup, power steering pump, 1UZ ECU...might have other plans for 4runner chassis/body.