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Forged H Beam Connecting Rods Group Buy Special


Lextreme is proud to announce the first affordable Forged H-Beam rods for all the Toyota and Lexus V8 engines.  We invested lots of money for this community to have such a nice drop in upgrade.  These rods are the same maker as the Eagle ESP 3-D rods.

These rods were produced with exact specifications (Big End, Small End, Center to Center along with proper offset and other specs.) as the stock 1, 2, & 3UZFE rod with H Beam style to increase toughness and durability.

As you guys might know this, ALL Lexus and Toyota V8 engines produced after 1998 have small weak skinny rods that will break with high rev and forced induced such as turbocharged, supercharged or NOS.  The pictures below are the comparison of the 1uzfe, 2uzfe and 3uzfe rod along with our forged H-beam rod.  As you can see, the Lexus and Toyota V8 rods look weak comparing to our forged H-Beam rod.

We only use race proven ARP rod bolts.  They are beefy 7/16″.  ARP 7/16″ 8740 Capscrew bolts standard (190,000 psi) unless otherwise noted. Optional ARP 2000 (230,000 psi) and ARP L-19 (265,000 psi) bolts for extreme horsepower applications.  L-19 bolts are recommended for engines exceeding 1000 horsepower.

I have see many broke rods in Tundra natural aspirated motors and because of the rod problems, the heads and probably the block also get ruin too.  Basically you will have to replace the long block and that is very expensive both in parts and labor.  I get so many emails weekly from GS400 owners and Tundra owners asking for stronger rods.

If you are supercharging your GS400 or GS430 along with ALL Toyota V8 models, watch out and be careful.  They will break and your whole engine will be destroy.  I have a very good friend of mine broke 3 of his rods and punch holes in his iron block.  The stock rods were great for what it original purposes were, but not for abuse or forced induction.

Why do you think Toyota TRD stop selling the 2UZFE (Tundra, Sequoia and 4Runner) supercharger kit?  Toyota stopped selling them because owners were breaking the rods left and right.  Our rods are forged and will with stand anything you throw at them.  Our rods are rated from 800 to 1,000 hp.

Once again, these rods are direct bolt on to the stock pistons.  No modification of the piston or crank.  Each set of the rods are inspected twice for imperfection.  They are weight without bolts with in 1 mg.  So knowing they are hand pick and package to insure balance and consistency.  These rods will work on 12 models and 16 span.  Please see the following cars/truck and SUV:

Make Model From To
Lexus cars & SUV:
LS400 1990 2000
LS430 2001 2006
SC400 1992 2000
SC430 2001 2006
GS400 1998 2000
GS430 2001 2006
LX470 1998 2006
GX470 2003 2006
Toyota Trucks & SUV
Tundra 2000 2006
Sequoia 2000 2006
Land Cruiser 1998 2006
4Runner (V8) 2003 2006
International Models:
Crown (V8) 1987 2006
Soarer, Celsior, Aristo and other Toyota V8 engines 1987 2006

Engine Code:

Engine Code Rod Strength Year Model
1UZFE Decent 1989-1994 LS400, SC400
1UZFE Weak 1995-1997 LS400, SC400
1UZFE (VVTi) Weak 1998-2000 LS400, SC400, GS400
2UZFE Weak 1989-2000 Tundra, Land Cruiser, GX470, LX470, Sequoia, 4Runner
3UZFE Weak 2001-2006 LS430, SC430, GS430

Have fun and keep on boosting!

These Forged H-Beam rods are good for 650 hp to 1000 hp depending on rod bolts.


You can get ARP 8740, ARP 2000 or ARP L-19 from Summit Racing.

Do you have any questions? If so, please head over to the forums to get a quick answer or share your experience!

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