Lexus-Toyota V8 UZ-FE Engine Modifications

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Lexus SC400 Turbo Kit

Some of you might know me to be one of the extreme Lexus V8 owners.  I have done a Twin Turbo Lexus LS400 and created a Supercharger kit for the Lexus LS400.  I have plan to make a supercharger kit for the SC400.  However, there are few supercharger kits currently available.  Therefore, I am interested … Read more

Eaton MP112 vs M90 Supercharger

There is a movement now that 1UZFE is moving toward the root style supercharger.  Why? of course this supercharger boosts lower end torque and its great for street applications. Currently, there is a 1UZFE manifold being made by Jordys to be fitting with any root style supercharger. (Update July, 2020: Jordy’s supercharger manifold is no … Read more

How to Change a Toyota 1UZFE Starter

This article should be very interesting for all you.  Recently I got a new alternator and new battery, but I was having trouble turning and starting my car.  After 14 years of running, its time to retired the starter.  The starter still good, but its drawing a lot of cranking amps.  Since I was changing … Read more

How to Replace a Lexus LS400/SC400 Alternator

The main purpose on an alternator is to recharge current back to the battery.  One of the most common problems with the Lexus LS400 and SC400 is that power steering pump seal leak.  Right below the power steering pump is the alternator.  The power steering fluid will drip down and cause many electrical problems for … Read more

Buy Lexus-Toyota V8 Performance Parts

NONE OF THESE PRODUCTS ARE FOR SALE – FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY! This page is solely dedicated to Lexus V8 4.0, 4.3 and 4.7 liter DOHC 1UZFE, 2UZFE and 3UZFE engines (LS400 to Tundra).  Here is the largest Lexus-Toyota V8 performance parts galore.  The after market performance products are so hard to find.  However, base … Read more

Technical Articles Index of Toyota/Lexus UZFE Engines

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Lexus LS400 Fuel Pump Upgrade (1990-1994)

This Fuel Pump Upgrade DIY tutorial applies to 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994 Lexus LS400 models. After running my car at 8 psi and achieved 324.5 rwhp.  This is pretty much the stock fuel pump can produced.  Its time to upgrade to a larger fuel pump.  Since the Lexus LS/SC400 does not have much … Read more

Supercharger Kit for Lexus SC400 & LS400

THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Here is the latest update video: Please click here to see this Supercharger Bracket. (No Longer For Sale) SC400 WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON CLICK FOR MORE INFO! The code name for these first generation 1UZFE supercharged systems is known as “The Fish” and here is My Supercharger Story.  With … Read more